Sprinklr Training

Robin Fairchild


Sprinklr offers our customers a wide variety of training and support resources. We feature 24/7 customer service, weekly live trainings and a support portal full of offline resources. Live trainings allow brands to speak with platform specialists and work though platform issues with an expert; offline training serves as a warehouse of information for do-it-yourself types. For answers to questions not covered in training sessions, users can rely on our 24/7 customer support service for a speedy response.


Live Training:

Sprinklr provides live training for various levels of users and roles in accordance with your requirements on the platform. Sessions can be tailored to meet the needs of basic or advanced users, adjusted to suit different user roles and feature teaching examples relevant to various internal departments. Clients can find the Live Training Calendar within the Sprinklr Support Portal.


Offline Training Resources:

The Offline Training Resources empower our users to find answers to questions as they work with the platform. Within the Customer Support Portal, users will find video tutorials, on demand webcasts, FAQs and a company specific help forum.