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Collecting vast amounts of social data? Where is it ending up? How about next year? Will it be lost or exploitable? Someone, somewhere, will surely ask why existing CRM, ERP, Marketing, Analytics, and CMS systems haven’t been fed existing social data since day one. Why the dots were never connected. Why the intelligence simply vanished. The time to answer that question is now. Not later.

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Social Enterprise Integration helps you:
  • Build a unified 360 profile view of your prospects and customers
  • Break down corporate data silos
  • Maximize your legacy IT investment
  • Reduce complexity, lower costs and eliminate redundancy
  • Fight obsolescence by connecting to the systems you’ll be using tomorrow
  • Maintain maximum flexibility in managing your enterprise IT ecosystem

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Social Enterprise Integration are Sprinklr Marketplace™  software connectors use to bridge, connect with, and integrate social, content, audience, and metrics data into other existing enterprise platforms like CRM, CMS, ERP, analytics, Marketing/Sales automation, e-commerce, and customer service call centers. Sprinklr can integrate and communicate two-way with virtually any 3rd party or proprietary enterprise platform on the market while providing a consistent and seamless user experience. Social Enterprise Integration connects social to all your backend point systems at the conversation, audience, content, campaign and analytical levels.

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