Launch: Advocate Insight

by Erik Huddleston 02 Apr 2012 Blog Post, Social Business Intelligence

Today we are excited to announce a new SaaS app that helps brand managers and community managers scale their social engagement programs. Here’s what Techcrunch had to say.

Advocate Insight is our fourth software app, and second subscription offering (following Social Performance Monitor), to be built on top of Dachis Group’s big data social analytics platform.

Here’s more on the app and why “Engagement @ Scale” is one of the most powerful ways for brands to realize the promise of Social Business.

The Promise of Social

The notion of authentic brand engagement has long been the goal of brand marketing. In fact, companies worldwide spend over $450 billion annually in this pursuit. Historically, however, brands have had a tradeoff to make. They could choose “broad message reach” (think Super Bowl ads) or they could choose “intimacy and dialog” (think event marketing, like Red Bull’s paper airplane contests), but not both.

Social promises to rewrite the rules for this tradeoff. Because of its dramatic reach and unique characteristics as a bi-directional conversation channel, Social offers brands the promise of Engagement @ Scale with its market.

The Problem with Engagement @ Scale

Most leading global brands have recognized the potential for Engagement @ Scale. This is, however, a simple math problem that most brands have failed to solve. The typical brand has around 11 community managers. Most global brands have tens to hundreds of millions of fans, followers, and subscribers across geographies and platforms. When you do the math of available hours in the day for these small teams to authentically engage with these massive audiences, it is disheartening. Only a fraction of a second a week could be spent on each member of their audience.

Bigger Staffs #FAIL to Scale

How do brands deal with social’s “scale” problem? Most settle for treating social as yet another broadcast platform. They buy a social content management system, such as Buddy Media, Vitrue, Involver, or any of the other dozens in the market. They post their TV commercials on YouTube. They post their magazine ad copy to their Facebook page. Sometimes they’ll add a contest or a poll to provide the veneer of engagement.

Many brands don’t settle for this, and staff up their community managers in an attempt to scale their engagement. They build amazing command centers. They outfit their community managers with listening tools and social CMS systems to improve their productivity.

In the end, though, the math is the math. Armed with the latest in social productivity, they still will never get to meaningful scaled engagement.

The Promise of Advocacy

There is another way to achieve Engagement @ Scale. While a brand may only have a handful of community managers, there is typically a passionate and loyal set of brand advocates, scattered across the world, who are actively propagating the brand’s marketing message in an authentic way to their friends, family, and acquaintances. And guess what? They are better at it than the brand! 67% of online shoppers spend more after receiving recommendations from friends online. 90% of consumers said “Recommendations from friends” was their most trusted form of advertising. The stats go on and on….

If organized, these advocates, often numbering in the tens or hundreds of thousands, can start to even the odds and make the engagement math problem look a lot less hopeless.

Advocate Insight

So how does a brand find, manage, and analyze their top brand advocates in social?

Enter Advocate Insight, Dachis Group’s SaaS application released today. Built on our Big Data analytics platform, which analyzes the engaged market of over 30,000 brands, Advocate Insight provides the foundation for companies to identify advocates, launch advocacy programs, manage their scaled engagement, and measure program effectiveness.

About Engagement…

Speaking of authentic engagement, we’d love to hear what you think. How are you engaging at scale?

To learn more, you can register at, our free service, and sign up for a 1:1 tour of Advocate Insight (screen shot below).

Dachis Group Advocate Insight: dashboard