Building a Community Management Center of Excellence

by Jeff Dachis 23 Feb 2013 Blog Post, Infographics, Webinars

Does your company fully understand the importance of community management for business success?

The following slides from Dachis Group’s Kieran Kelly and Cerys Hearsey discuss what a center of excellence looks like in the context of community management and how your company can start building one today.

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  • Marius Ciortea

    I’m not sure I agree with the use case of the CoE. What I’m getting from the slides is a layer of bureaucracy to go trough, with the value proposition that somehow the CoE can better achieve business line goals.
    All we are saying to the line of business, is that they don’t know how to do their job.

    I would suggest, that instead of building layers of people to go trough, that are in-forced by “governance”, educate the workforce so that they can run independently without the CoE help..

    Sure the CoE maybe needed on a short term bases, but any long term implementation of a CoE only means that the organization is incapable of adapting and that it needs to be watched (not smart enough to do it alone).
    Long term engagement of a CoE and building out a larger CoE, while well intentioned, is not suitable in a long-term Enterprise strategy and IMHO not recommended.

  • Kieran Kelly

    Hi Marius, thank you for your feedback, we’re grateful to have any conversation that helps us refine the concept.

    I entirely agree that an enforced layer of bureaucracy is to be avoided. I envision an internal service provider that offers services to, and is approached by, areas of the business and new initiatives that might benefit from its experience and ideas. It’s a way of establishing community management as a serious discipline and gathering a community of like minds who can share knowledge and ideas, and continually improve their offering to the company. The purpose of each engagement would be to assist, not direct.

    Excellent community management has become a must for many companies. A well-structured CoE would enable collective learning for what might otherwise be a disjointed approach.

    Thanks again for your thoughts!