Buzz of the Week // March 19 – March 23

by Don Aguirre 23 Mar 2012 Blog Post

Welcome to this week’s edition of Archrival | Dachis Group Presents: Buzz of the Week!

It’s safe to say our office caught a scorching case of Spring Fever this week and next to an annoying collection of various allergic reactions it’s caused us to get, well, a little porny

We were reminded that certain fantasies only happen in movies, we discovered Walgreens is making a play for the teenage boy market, a Minnesota high schooler takes to Twitter to woo a porn prom date, and we are reminded why Skittles is nothing short of awesome.

Happy Friday, amigos!

  • If this kid can pull it off, his prom will definitely have a happy ending.
  • Apparently, Walgreens doesn’t want their male customers to have idle hands.
  • Brands commemorate the Mad Men Newsweek issue with retro ads.