Dachis Group Launches Collaborative Reporting

by Brian Kotlyar 14 Nov 2012 Announcements, Blog Post, Videos

Good social marketing analysis and reporting is rare. Reports arrive late, tend to be superficial and don’t enable decisive action. Even the most sophisticated marketers spend more time cutting and pasting data into Excel than doing meaningful analysis.

Unfortunately, tools that harness the power of big data and make it easy to tell stories just haven’t been available. So we built one.

Today, we’re announcing new collaborative reporting features that help brands and agencies create beautiful, simple and clear reports of social marketing performance with input from all the right experts.

Collaborative Reporting by Dachis Group

These new features help you:

Make analysis easy

Begin by simply clipping any data point for analysis, bringing along all of its rich context.

Report quickly 

Your data is instantly presented as a beautifully designed interactive microsite.

Involve the right people

Invite anyone, from any role or skill level, in your organization to review or contribute to the report.

Enrich the narrative

Return to the initial conditions of any observation and explore related data.

Finally, you can view your report online or export it to PowerPoint for offline discussion

Dachis Group’s collaboration features introduce a new way to create and share complex ideas across your brand marketing organization. Collaborative Reporting is included in each of Dachis Group’s software applications and we’re looking forward to sharing it with you.

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