Launch: Campaign Performance Monitor

by Brian Kotlyar 01 Aug 2012 Announcements, Blog Post, Videos

Turn on the television, pick up a magazine or drive down the highway and you’re almost guaranteed to encounter some aspect of the 500 billion dollars that companies spend on brand advertising every year. Campaigns no longer stop there of course. Social media has become an integral element of the brand marketing landscape as year after year brands invest more heavily in social media campaigns. There is a problem though. Despite the growing sophistication and integration of social media marketing, social strategists have lacked the ability to really show the value of a campaign for their brand. The measurement landscape has not been able to keep up with the needs of marketing executives and social strategists at major brands – until now.

Dachis Group is excited to announce a Big Data software tool that we believe overcomes this problem. Campaign Performance Monitor gives marketers a highly focused view on the thing that matters to them most — quantifying campaign performance — and is built upon a platform of data that monitors the daily engagement between 100,000,000 social accounts and 30,000 brands.


Why Campaign Performance Monitor?

We built Campaign Performance Monitor in response to a very specific set of issues we’ve detected among our clients over the last few years of consulting and software development. Put simply, marketers are awash in social data, but very little of it is actionable or actually influences decision making.

Most brands get a monthly report from a team of analysts that reads out community activity and trending topics, but that information is typically 30 days late and often pertains to business issues outside the purview of marketing. While this is an acceptable and perhaps even desirable outcome from a Social Business perspective, it doesn’t do much for the social marketer trying to achieve lasting improvements in brand outcomes.

On the other side of the spectrum marketers do have access to real time feedback and activity from their engaged communities. They get access to this information via community managers immersed in the day-to-day activity of managing an engaged community. Unfortunately, that information is highly atomized and is not meaningfully resolved into a campaign view. Marketers struggle to optimize a campaign from the content post level.

How does Campaign Performance Monitor help?

It’s focused – Marketers can focus in on campaign specific data by aligning our software with their content calendars and paid media calendars. The result is real-time reporting of key performance metrics in the context of that campaign. This means as a social strategist you will know precisely how much of your brand performance is being driven by a particular campaign versus the brand impact that occurs in the wild as part of the ambient conversation around your organization.

It’s fast – Because we use cutting-edge Big Data technology to aggregate and process all of this information, you’ll be able to see your campaign developing as it happens. No more six week delays while you wait for an agency to get around to emailing a report. This enables you to optimize your campaign as it unfolds, adjust supporting ad spend and make key messaging decisions to affect the final outcome of your campaign.

It’s easy – Within minutes of your campaign ending, and at the click of a button, you can export beautiful and insightful “boss ready” reports in Powerpoint or Excel to drop into your internal reports. That means you can simply export a view, put it in your presentation, and share it with your peers. Your community managers will be freed to focus on, and engage with, the community instead of endlessly fiddling with slides for the monthly measurement meeting.

We’re excited to share Campaign Performance Monitor with you. We hope it transforms the way you track and measure your campaigns in social media. Come take a look at and let us know what you think.