Why Are Fortune 500 Brands Switching to Foursquare, Pinterest and Instagram?

by Jamie O'Brien 09 Oct 2014 Blog Post

The Next Wave

Advertising on social networks has existed for years, but the game is always changing. The release of new ad platforms, the emergence of new social networks, the changing nature of the user’s engagement — these are the things that turn away cautious brands. But there is a clear indicator, available for anyone to see, that makes the success of an ad platform or network an obvious thing: the adoption by large companies.

Big companies are not the type to flippantly dive in to things without a high degree of certainty of their eventual success. Even brands like Taco Bell and Ben & Jerry’s, who have developed a reputation for jumping into social marketing and ads early, do so knowing that their involvement generates valuable PR and helps the new platforms to develop.

Recently, Fortune 500 companies have been impressively successful with advertising on three networks in particular: Foursquare, Pinterest and Instagram. These networks have matured to the point that they are finally getting attention from big brands, and they have responded by revitalizing their ad platforms, adding one for the first time, or restructuring their network entirely.

There’s no mistake to be made, Foursquare, Pinterest and Instagram have taken great strides toward better advertising, and it begs the question, is it time for your brand to get involved?


Those Screaming, Whispering, Crying, Laughing, Yearning, Rejoicing, Hating, Loving Voices of Customer Experiences. And Your Breaking-Bad Response.

by Jan Zlotnick 09 Oct 2014 Customer Experience



“The purpose of a business is to create a customer who creates customers.” ~ Shiv Singh


postitHear that? It’s the relentless, social-ricocheting of your brand’s reputation, advocacy, loyalty and revenue.

If you’re a part of the social age (meaning, if you’re not dead or pretending to be), you are trying your best to listen to, engage and manage the voices of your customer experiences. To break bad and turn every Tweeted, Instagrammed “Ugh” into a “Love It!” You may have heard about Delta’s story, but have you thought about it and taken action with cross-dept brainstorming and C-level commitment to achieve extraordinary customer experiences (XCX)?

Once ranked worst-in-class for cancellations, [WSJ], Delta Air Lines canceled fewer flights last year than any other airline — just 0.3 percent of its flights. That’s 7x better than industry avg of 2.0%. And it all started with analyzing feedback that showed fliers will take a delayed flight over a cancellation any day.

Delta’s vice president of operations control, Dave Holtz, dared his team to do the impossible: “If that’s what customers hate most, let’s not cancel any more flights.”  Through cross-dept involvement and commitment, Delta came up with XCX solutions for dealing with flight-grounding malfunctions, faster and better than anyone in its industry.


Essence and Awesomeness: How to Win at Instagram

by Esteban Contreras 08 Oct 2014 Blog Post, Social@Scale: Community Manager, Social@Scale: Content Manager, Social@Scale: Social Media Manager

Instagram photos by Hugo Boss, Ben & Jerry's, Beats by Dre, Hotel Tonight, BMW, and TOMS.


Consider this scenario: You stumble upon the Instagram profile of one of your favorite brands. You figure that since you own many of their products, you’ll probably like their feed. You tap that ‘Follow’ button, and you go about your day. The very next day you notice one of the brand’s photos in your feed. It’s not really what you expected so you pop over to their profile page again and give it a close look. You discover a lot of poorly lit, strangely cropped, and even slightly blurry pictures. You find promotions appropriate for a coupon catalog. You even see random “regrams,” unrelated hashtags and tons of emojis. You realize that everything they’re publishing on Instagram feels absolutely nothing like the brand you love.

“That’s unfortunate,” you think to yourself, and you tap the ‘Unfollow’ button without a second thought.

It is unfortunate indeed because sometimes brands can sabotage themselves on Instagram. Unlike other social networks and photo/video apps, Instagram is where we go to look at beautiful things. Inspiring things. Awesome things. (more…)

Finding, Engaging and Retaining Prospects: The New College Try

by guest 07 Oct 2014 Blog Post, Events, Social@Scale: Social Listening Insights

social selling at the university of iowa

Managing social media at a major, public university isn’t all that different than managing social media for a large business or a corporation. The terminology might change but the end goals are the same.

We have a brand strategy at The University of Iowa and we want to represent those values in social. Businesses have products to sell – we have programs and degrees. Businesses market to clients – we market to prospective students, current students, alumni, and friends of the university. (more…)

The Future of Social Media Command Centers

by guest 06 Oct 2014 Blog Post, Featured, Social Business Intelligence, The Connected Company

The Future of Control Centers

This post was written by Michael Killi, Social Media Command Center Manager at Wyndham Vacation Ownership. Mike was featured in our recent whitepaper The Future of Command Centers (free download).

A few years ago, many companies were merely experimenting with social — slowly investing one hashtag at a time. Now, brands are realizing the power of social to be a business driver. They’re realizing that the insights gained from real-time conversations can transform an entire organization.

So how do you capture these insights? The answer for many brands is through social media command centers. I agree. But while the benefits of having a command center are clear, choosing the right one isn’t as obvious. (more…)