What Facebook’s Cross-device Reporting Means For Brands

by Jamie O'Brien 22 Aug 2014 Blog Post

facebook cross-device reporting

Facebook recently launched cross-device reporting, allowing advertisers to see exactly how their audiences are exposed to ads and how users move between different devices before converting.

What Is Cross-device Tracking?

More than 60% of online adults in the US use at least two devices everyday. This makes it difficult to keep track of a user’s path to conversion or accurately attribute conversions to multiple exposures across different devices. Cookies, the desktop tracking system, cannot track across multiple devices.

Cross-device tracking aims to solve this problem and allow advertisers to track a user’s path to conversion — no matter what device they choose to surf the web. (more…)

Why Your Old School Strategy Isn’t Working and It’s Time For Social Selling

by Carly Roye 21 Aug 2014 Blog Post, Whitepapers


The average American spends more than three hours on social media daily. And it’s not just for recreational purposes.

Consumers turn to their mobile devices, laptops, and tablets to discuss basically everything — from their personal needs and desires, to the quality of your products and what it’s like to do business with you.

The undeniable truth is that people live online now — which means the way your organization sells needs to change with the times.

Welcome to the era of social selling(more…)

How Citi Strengthens Consumer Relationships Using Social

by guest 18 Aug 2014 Blog Post, Featured

Linda Descano of Citi

This post was written by Linda Descano, Managing Director and Head of Content and Social at Citi. Linda was recently featured in our Social@Scale Journal. Download your copy here

With more than 100 million clients in 40 countries, Citi’s Global Consumer Banking business is among the largest retail banks in the world. Transaction touchpoints are seemingly endless: mobile devices, ATMs, online and more than 4,600 branches. Couple that with a financial industry dogged with reputational challenges and an increasingly competitive environment among banks, and there was a serious need for us to reinvent how we connected with our customers. At Citi, we turned to social media as one of our solutions to create experiences that would help us engage with consumers, deepen our relationships and build trust. (more…)

This Week in Paid Social: August 15, 2014

by admin 15 Aug 2014 Blog Post

this week in paid social sprinklr

Every week, we compile a list of the latest and greatest news around social advertising. Here’s what happening in paid social — as of August 15, 2014. (more…)

Why Sprinklr Acquired TBG Digital

by Ragy Thomas 14 Aug 2014 Announcements, Blog Post

Sprinklr Acquires TBG Digital

While much has been written about the integration of paid, earned and owned for social, not much has really been done to bring these disparate technology solutions together natively.

With the obvious and inevitable decline of organic reach, paid is increasingly the only lever that can predictably control brands’ reach across channels. It’s absolutely critical that brands learn to coordinate messaging across paid and owned. (more…)