How to Bring Your Paid Social In-House

by Jamie O'Brien 23 Sep 2014 Blog Post, Whitepapers

The definitive guide to in-house paid social

Social advertising is a relatively new (and untapped) industry. There’s still a lot of experimenting, testing and fine-tuning to be done. But at the end of the day, this industry has a very bright future. And for brands that choose to seize the opportunity, that future also happens to be very profitable.

Just to give you an idea of the revenue-generating possibilities of paid social, it’s currently a $9 billion industry. By 2018, that figure is expected to reach $15 billion. 


Social Media Round-Up: September 19, 2014

by biancaohannessian 19 Sep 2014 Blog Post

social media round-up 9/19/2014Here is your social media round-up for the week of September 19, 2014.

Facebook asks why you’re hiding ads

When it comes to ads, if you don’t like what you see, Facebook is happy to let you hide them. And now its ad-hiding tools are getting an update, giving the platform an insight into not just what you hide, but also why. Users will be asked questions to help Facebook decide what type of ads the users are interested in seeing so that Facebook can serve more relevant ads targeted to the right people.

What is native advertising?

It may be on the rise and expected to account for 9.2% of total display spend by the end of the year. But how do you define native advertising? Is it an ad characteristic, or is it a product in its own right? It seems the advertising industry just can’t agree.

Video wars: Facebook vs. YouTube

YouTube may be one of the leading video platforms in the world, with 1 billion viewers per month, but Facebook wants a slice of that pie. The social network is planning to actively approach YouTube users to try and win them over and woo them into posting videos directly to Facebook instead. The new video initiative will be supported by Facebook ads to increase traffic.

Social selling in the spotlight

Creating a sense of connection between buyer and seller is important. Recent studies show that, for example, if a customer shares the same hometown as their sales rep, they are likely to spend more with them. Technology can scale this, and so social selling helps brands pinpoint common interests, allowing them to reach out and truly connect with potential customers.

Introducing Facebook’s media hub

The platform recently announced that Facebook Media is on the way. Similarly to Facebook Business for enterprises, the new media feature hopes to be a valuable resource for the media industry. It will include examples of case studies and tips for using Facebook successfully.

Bianca Ohannessian sprinklr

Bianca Ohannessian is the Senior Content Manager at Sprinklr London. With a passion for fashion and an appetite for adventure, when she’s not writing copy, she’s out exploring the globe.

From Poison Pen to Love Letter: Sprint’s Death+Life Customer Experience

by Jan Zlotnick 18 Sep 2014 Customer Experience


Sometimes it takes a near-death experience to see and live a bold new life.  In 2007, struggling against its wireless carrier competition, Sprint decided to send service termination letters to 1,200 of its 53 million customers. Here’s how new leadership and a total embrace of Customer Experience, turned those fateful letters into one of the greatest love stories in brand-turn-around history.

The Thinking at The Time:
Company’s old leadership felt that those now-legendary “Sprint 1,000″ were costing the company more in customer support than they returned in revenue.

The Near-Death Experience:

The Risks of Underinvesting in Social Media

by Matthew Goral 17 Sep 2014 Blog Post, Infographics

The social media industry did not exist 15 years ago. It is one of the youngest media industries, but in its short life, it has developed a total value of nearly $300 billion. Facebook alone has generated $2.5 billion in Q1 of 2014.


These figures are largely due to the 1.97 billion active users of social networks, worldwide. That is to say, there are nearly two billion (nearly one in every three people worldwide) individuals logging into social networks regularly and routinely. They log on to connect with old friends, to share interesting stories and to engage with brands. Unfortunately, many brands aren’t there. (more…)

Socially Earn a Place in Their Hearts and Mind

by guest 16 Sep 2014 Blog Post

This post was written by Kare Anderson, the Co-Founder and CEO of Say It Better. Kare was recently featured in our The Elements Of Social Selling whitepaper. You can download it here.

In our increasingly connected, information-flooded and complex world, those who become successful at social selling will combine the traits of empathic communication intelligence (ECI) and social tech savviness. Additionally, their insights – drawn from first-hand contact with prospects and clients — will make them integral part of their company’s operations. Companies able to retain these top performers will be those that encourage and facilitate ever greater cross-support and innovation, inside and outside the ‘walls’ of their firm. here are some traits that may make you one of those sought-after social selling stars.