Social Infrastructure: The Backbone to Success

by guest 29 Sep 2014 Blog Post

Building Social Infrastructure

This post was written by Marcy Massura, SVP/ NYC Digital Practice Leader & North American Digital Lead of MSLGroup. Marcy was recently featured in our eBook: Without Infrastructure, You Can’t Be Social. Download your copy here.

‘Being social’ is often erroneously associated with being ‘talkative.’ But actually ‘being social’ or, better yet, ‘living social’ represents a deep understanding of the psychology of social behavior and which actions can help to increase conversation and provide value to stakeholders. The unsung hero skill of socialization is the ability to listen well. Real-life conversation is never one-sided and in the digital space we need to spend as much effort listening before we speak as we do crafting clever content pieces to broadcast. (more…)

Social Media Round-up: September 26, 2014

by biancaohannessian 25 Sep 2014 Blog Post

social media updates sept 24 2014

Here is your social media round-up from the week of September 26, 2014.

Instagram ads hit the UK

After successfully rolling out ads in the US last year, Instagram has now launched ads in the UK. Although the photo and video ads are designed to blend in with the visual style of the platform, they will be clearly marked as sponsored. And just like Facebook ads, users can choose to hide individual ads and give feedback, allowing Instagram to tailor ads to individual users’ preferences.

Facebook’s new and improved ad platform

Could Facebook be about to launch a brand new ad platform? Based on Microsoft’s Atlas Advertiser Suite, the new ad offering is expected to feature advanced targeting and measuring capabilities. They will not only be able to track users through their own platform, but also across third party platforms to monitor user interests and buying habits. No official launch has been announced, but this advanced data could take Facebook advertising to a whole new level.

YouTube ads convert to sales

A recent study has proved that YouTube is the most effective social network when it comes to driving sales from paid social, with Facebook in second place and Google+ in third. Video is a great way to introduce customers to new products, as well as encouraging the customers to buy the products. However, brands should avoid treating YouTube ads like TV ads, as custom content created especially for the social platform can be much more effective.

Video marketing in numbers

Video accounts for around one third of all online activity. With video platforms like YouTube processing 3 billion searches per month, there is clearly potential for marketers to reach their target audience. By 2018, video is predicted to account for nearly 70% of all mobile traffic, so if it isn’t part of your marketing strategy yet, it’s time to start considering how video could benefit your brand.

Foursquare wants your personal recommendation

Since its launch in 2009, Foursquare has been known for its “check-in” feature. Now that the check-ins have been moved over to the Swarm app, Foursquare is planning to become the leading personalized recommendation engine.

Bianca Ohannessian sprinklr

Bianca Ohannessian is the Senior Content Manager at Sprinklr London. With a passion for fashion and an appetite for adventure, when she’s not writing copy, she’s out exploring the globe.

Content Shock Is Not the End of Content Marketing

by Jamie O'Brien 25 Sep 2014 Blog Post, Social@Scale: Community Manager, Social@Scale: Content Manager

message in a bottle

Every time a user logs in to Facebook, she’s exposed to up to 1,500 posts. If she’s super social, she gets 15,000. It’s the same story when she logs onto Twitter — every second, there are 6,000 new tweets being churned out.

Everywhere this individual turns, there’s a rising ocean of content waiting for her.

Now, imagine what’s it’s like to be a brand trying to grab that user’s attention.

This is the premise of content shock. (more…)

Smart Companies Will Embrace Social Support and Social Selling

by guest 24 Sep 2014 Blog Post

karen walker of cisco

This post was written by Karen Walker, SVP of Marketing at Cisco. Karen was recently featured in our Social@Scale Journal. Download your copy here.

What makes a company smart when it comes to being social? They recognize three things:

  • Your customers’ social expectations continue to rise

  • Offering social support to your customers brings valuable insight – and can help or hurt your brand depending on how you do it

  • The changing role of marketing as a revenue engine means you can’t afford to ignore social selling (more…)

How to Bring Your Paid Social In-House

by Jamie O'Brien 23 Sep 2014 Blog Post, Whitepapers

The definitive guide to in-house paid social

Social advertising is a relatively new (and untapped) industry. There’s still a lot of experimenting, testing and fine-tuning to be done. But at the end of the day, this industry has a very bright future. And for brands that choose to seize the opportunity, that future also happens to be very profitable.

Just to give you an idea of the revenue-generating possibilities of paid social, it’s currently a $9 billion industry. By 2018, that figure is expected to reach $15 billion.