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Have You Built Your Social ARC?


This is a guest post by Kenyata Martin, Head of Marketing Strategy at NA Lubricants for Shell Oil Products US.

Many have asked, “Is having a social infrastructure important to my organization or brand being social?” My answer is really simple: “If you want to remain in business, yes.” So then the immediate next question is, “So how do I build a social infrastructure?”

As a student of frameworks, I stopped to ask myself the question: “Do you need new methods to build social infrastructure?” And as usual, I find myself identifying the answer to that question as “No, Kenyata. Nothing is new under the sun.”


Without Social Infrastructure, Social Business Is Impossible




kitty hawk, december, 1903

On a cold and windy December morning in 1903, a historic event took place. Orville Wright flew for 12 seconds over 120 feet of ground. That flight in Kitty Hawk, N.C. marked the very first flight by a manned, controlled, heavier-than-air aircraft that flew on its own power.

In the decades that followed, air traffic was largely unregulated. Today, it is vast and complex, with 300,000 flights every day. As a result, we have seen the establishment of governing bodies — including the FAA in the U.S., and air traffic control throughout the world — to regulate and coordinate air traffic.

This requires policies, processes, training, and technology, and without this infrastructure, modern air traffic would be completely unfeasible. (more…)

Sprinklr Launches Paid Media Solution and Announces $40M Series D Funding


At Sprinklr, we believe that luck favors smart people who work harder than others.

Sprinklr has been fortunate to reach some very important milestones over the last few months. We were named “the most powerful technology in the market,” launched integrated listening, acquired Dachis Group, and now count more than 450 enterprise brands as client partners.

Today, I’m pleased to announce two more critical steps in our journey: the launch of an integrated paid media solution and $40M in Series D funding.

Sprinklr Launches Paid Media Solution

Paid is at the core and is the most expensive part of how brands build experiences.

The Social Games: Surviving Disruption Requires Enterprise-Wide Social


social disruption

My son’s high school senior class is in the middle of a game called assassin. All players are secretly given the name of another classmate. The task: Track down (in your spare time) and shoot your target with a water gun. Players are eliminated until there’s only one left standing; winner gets bragging rights and some extra spending money.

The game has been going on for a couple weeks now, and my son has been informing me of a few emerging trends. The remaining players have apparently developed trusted allies. They help one another avoid danger and share information on other targets. Kids without a strong social network were easy targets. Interestingly, many of the most “popular” kids have not survived.

The most successful players are interacting, listening, and getting the right information at the right time.

They’re surviving by being social with one another.


Social Media Analytics: Which Car Brand Is Winning Social?


Cars are picturesque, ignite conversation, and drive passion. Cars are an extension of their owners’ personalities: the design, the color, the year. People are naturally compelled to engage with car brands on social, whether for practical advice from Toyota, to satisfy an aspirational obsession with Aston Martin, or capitalize on the culture of MINI fans.

It’s no wonder then that this industry performs so robustly in social. But which car brands are in the victory lane when it comes to engaging with audiences, producing compelling content, and reaching the most consumers? (more…)

You Need Infrastructure to Function at the Speed of Social



One of the biggest challenges for Farmers Insurance, and for most highly-regulated industries, is compliance. Social is fluid, unexpected, and spontaneous. However, in a highly regulated industry, you cannot always turn on a dime. The road from content creation to content publication is long and winding due to the numerous compliance checkpoints.

Bright Minds Are Needed for Strong Social


successful social media

When I started Social Fresh in 2008, there was an overall lack of trust in social from the brand side. Brands wanted to hear pitches about social, but very few of them were willing to commit the necessary financial resources to it.

And when they did, they didn’t invest heavily or deeply enough. Social wasn’t included in the overall marketing mix; it was usually a last-minute add-on. If you look at the role of social in business today, the difference is like night and day. (more…)

Sprinklr and Dachis Group Integration Webinar Recap


The recent integration of Sprinklr and Dachis Group created the world’s largest independent enterprise social relationship platform. But what does this mean for our current (and future) clients? At last week’s Sprinklr + Dachis Group Integration Webinar, we met up with FamilySearch’s Alison Herzog and Omaha Steaks’ Paul Haskell to explain a few of the new benefits for brands.

Watch the webinar recording.


If You’re Not Ready to Scale, You’re Not Ready for Social Media Success


social media success is about scalability

When big brands start to build their social presence, they often focus on superficial metrics. One million followers. 24 million video views. Too frequently, the allure of eight-figure analytics blinds us to the business realities of what we’re actually doing. Have you ever considered what it would be like to handle a million followers? What will you say to them? How will you respond?


US Airways’ Twitter Mistake Could’ve (and Should’ve) Been Easily Prevented


The dust has proverbially settled on the US Airways tweet fiasco and we’re all now jumping in with our thoughts. I figured it was time to share mine. I’m not focused as much on what happened and whether it was right or wrong. It was definitely wrong — in so, so many ways.

My focus lies in how easily this could have been prevented. Human errors are inevitable. Brands will also make mistakes… because well, brands are driven by humans. With that said, shouldn’t brands have a system in place so things like this don’t happen?