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Technology Is the Servant of Content


technology is the servant of content
With so much of corporate communications today prepared and delivered digitally, technology is more important to our success than ever.


Taking Your IRL Relationships Online


taking your IRL relationships online

As a company, we have been social since the beginning. Our founder wanted to be very close with people – his mantra was to make a new friend every day.
So, for us, being social happened way before social media even emerged.

With the arrival of the digital era, however, it became essential that the social links we were building offline (the decades of relationships nurtured) also translated online. (more…)

Who Won The Masters on Social Media?


Social Media Analytics for the Green Jacket Tournament

Sprinklr Listening The Masters Word Cloud

Golf tournament season kicked off this past weekend with The Masters. While this 80-year-old event has been a fan favorite for decades, this year was especially exciting as the world took to social media to engage with players, sponsors, and tournament events. We turned on Sprinklr’s Listening Insights to determine the most popular on social among golf players, sponsorship campaigns, and topics. (more…)

New and Improved: Twitter User Profile Update Coming to a Browser Near You


Twitter has always been in a state of “perpetual beta.” From optimizing the user onboarding process to the addition of Vine to a more robust mobile app, the social network has made quite a few radical changes since its inception in 2006.

Most likely keeping new users (and brands) in mind, Twitter recently announced what may be the most drastic change in the appearance of web user profiles. This recent update is one more example of the microblog’s dedication to improving the user experience.


How Social Media Is Shaping the Consumer Experience



The emergence of social media has made it possible for one person to communicate with hundreds, or even thousands, of other people about brands and the products and services they offer.

Today’s consumers are moving away from traditional forms of advertising and are demanding more control over the way they’re consuming media. In addition, they’re connecting with brands in fundamentally new ways.

We no longer live in a world where companies closely control their brand’s perception. Social media, by its nature, has produced an empowered consumer whose amplified experiences are creating a new paradigm.

It Takes Infrastructure to Be Social



It takes a lot to succeed in social – creating compelling content, listening, responding, further engaging your customers and then measuring the impact. But the hardest part of a social media strategy is integrating all of these various tactics, tools, and data to determine the effectiveness of your efforts, holistically.

Social @ Scale Summit, Hosted by Battery Ventures: Recap


This post is a recap of presentations from the Social@Scale Summit on April 1, 2014, hosted by Battery Ventures in Boston, MA. To learn more about the Summits, just click here.


Boston’s Innovation District, an up-and-coming community situated at the heart of the city’s Seaport neighborhood, was the perfect setting for last week’s Social@Scale Summit. Brand marketers, social practitioners, and innovators of every kind gathered at Battery Ventures’ beautiful new offices to discuss what it means to be social at scale. Presentations, guided by the 5C’s of enterprise social media infrastructure — Conversation, Community, Collaboration, Content, and Campaign — touched on the importance of analytics-minded team members, strategic visual elements, employee advocacy, and more.


Infrastructure: Built by Hand



When I think of social infrastructure, I think of the built environment – it’s the architect in me. And when I think of the built environment, I think of LEGO.

Anyone who has played with LEGO knows the hard work to put all the bricks in place to build something as epic as the Death Star or Millennium Falcon – the plumbing, if you will. They also know that it only takes one piece to be missing for the model to not work – and to be on shaky foundations.

That’s the thing about infrastructure: It takes time and patience – and the finished article often belies that dedication.

Winning Businesses Are Tapping Into the Power of Social


social experience management ebook

Social is a force that can empower businesses to connect, innovate, create value, and solve real problems in real time. For businesses, information flow is changing from a top-down model, where media outlets and brands have the dominant voice, to a more democratic model, where the dominant voice is held by communities of customers and employees. Wherever they are, so is your business.

As I see it, there are three points to consider on your path to becoming a social business: (more…)

Without Infrastructure, You Can’t Be Social


 social experience management sprinklr

64 leaders from 61 organizations joined forces to write Without Infrastructure, You Can’t Be Social: The Rise of Social Experience Management.

Get the eBook here.


A social enterprise is a whole lot more than the sum of its likes, @ mentions, and comments. It’s the sum total of every experience it delivers to every customer at every touch point.

And you can’t deliver great experiences at every touch point without the right social infrastructure.