Playing Your Cards Right: Getting the Most From Twitter Cards

by biancaohannessian 15 Sep 2014 Blog Post

Twitter Cards

If you’re not already familiar with Twitter Cards, they are an awesome (read: free) way to maximize the impact of your brand’s shared content on Twitter. Here’s our take on Cards and how brands can get the most from them.

Social Media Round-Up: September 13, 2014

by Matthew Goral 13 Sep 2014 Blog Post

This week in social media

Here’s this week’s round-up of social media updates…

Video Ads for Unpaid Users of Spotify

Spotify has announced their plan to make better use of their unpaid user-base by implementing video ads and “sponsored sessions.” Approximately 3 of every 4 Spotify listeners do not pay for membership and allow ads to interrupt their listening experience. Now, Spotify will allow brands to take full advantage of ad breaks, with the option to include 15 and 30 second videos. These videos will only pop up if the user’s browser is maximized. Spotify will also give brands the option to sponsor 30 minute ad-free listening sessions for unpaid mobile users. Users will need to watch a short video ad from the brand to begin the session.

New Marketing Opportunities For Larger iPhone 6

Apple’s reveal of the new iPhone 6 has everyone talking about the new, larger screen. Marketers are already excited by the opportunities that the size increase presents. The iWatch, the long-awaited wearable peripheral, is slated for release next year and brings its own set of opportunities for ads to the table. Advertisers are excited to see what they will be capable of doing with the small wearable device. The nature of the device ensures that ads will be seen more frequently.

Facebook Puts Ephemeral Posting to the Test

Facebook experiments with ephemeral posts that disappear after a designated period of time. The Snapchat-like feature is only being tested among users in certain areas, as per Facebook’s usual testing methods. Posts will expire after their given life-span, but the data will remain on Facebook servers for 90 days. The appeal of Snapchat’s marked-for-death messages is obvious, but will Facebook users feel the same? The posts will be visible in the same manner as all other Facebook material, so timed-deletion might seem like a strange addition.  Facebook won’t want this new feature to go the same way as their dead-on-arrival Slingshot app.

Matthew GoralMatthew Goral is an Editorial Intern at Sprinklr New York. He attends the Interactive Telecommunications Program at New York University, where the square block of art is forced through the circle slot of the internet by the hammer of technology.

Social Trends Around Apple’s iPhone 6 Launch

by Uyen Nguyen 12 Sep 2014 Blog Post, Social Media Analytics

social data around apple's iphone 6 launch

When Apple introduces a new product, the world stops.

The launch of iPhone 6 was no exception… but how did the launch compare to its predecessors? What did consumers care about this time around? (more…)

3 Steps to Deeper Intimacy with Your Customers

by Uyen Nguyen 11 Sep 2014 Blog Post


This blog post was co-authored with Emma Tzeng, Editorial Manager at Gigya. Gigya provides data and identity management solutions to help businesses connect more deeply with their customers.

It’s a bewildering truth that marketers have gotten away with treating their customers like a series of nameless IP addresses for far too long. Now that people are sharing more information about themselves than ever across the Internet, though, it’s imperative that businesses keep in stride with their users and start marketing to them like the real human beings that they are.

To get you started on developing those deep, authentic relationships with your customers, we’ve outlined three simple steps you can take today. (more…)

Ugh: The Cost of Servicing Customer Pain Points

by Jan Zlotnick 10 Sep 2014 Customer Experience


split image editHow to turn Ugh into Love:

First, get to know ‘Ugh’ Customer Experiences

• Each ‘Ugh’ tells 9-15 people; 13% of whom tell 20+*
• Amplifies their unhappiness at massive scale
• Pushes clients toward exit; wards off prospects
• Calls help lines, files support tickets, returns products
• Ties up admin, finance and legal
• Triggers resolution discounts, refunds, etc.
• Creates vicious cycle: more dollars needed on marketing and advertising, less to invest in customer experience,
more unhappy customers…