How to Close Your Customer Experience Reality Gap

by Jan Zlotnick 08 Aug 2014 Blog Post

mind the gap

In a study conducted by Bain Consulting on customer experience, 8% of the customers of 362 companies described their experiences with those companies as “Superior.” Yet, 80% of those companies believed the experiences they provided to their customers were “Superior.”

Why the reality gap when it comes customer experiences? (more…)

‘Infrastructure’ Isn’t a Dirty Word

by guest 07 Aug 2014 Blog Post

This post was written by Dave Fleet, Senior Vice President at Edelman. Dave was recently featured in our eBook Without Infrastructure, You Can’t Be Social. Download your copy here.

infrastructure isn't a dirty wordIf we look at the high-level driving forces in social media now, we see – among others – three major trends:

  • Continuing convergence of earned, owned, and paid media
  • Increasing imperative towards the rapid and flexible development of highly visual content
  • Increasing scale driven by maturing social media channels

To handle any one of these alone is difficult enough; to handle all of them is a major challenge. (more…)

Relationship Marketing: The Next Frontier

by guest 05 Aug 2014 Featured

michael sprauge of kia

This was written by Michael Sprague, Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Kia Motors America. Michael was recently featured in our Social@Scale Journal. Download your copy here.

We live in an age in which customer relationships matter more than ever. Consumer touchpoints have increased, power has shifted to the buyer, and brands must continually think of new and innovative ways to address these changes.

For the past several years at Kia Motors America, my primary responsibility has been to help transform Kia’s public perception by connecting to consumers on both practical and emotional levels. During this time, our organization has made tremendous efforts to strengthen our brand within the marketplace, and the results have been staggering. In addition to significant increases in sales, we have won numerous advertising awards, formed high-profile partnerships – with mainstays such as the NBA, LPGA, MTV and Vans – and earned a host of accolades on the digital front, all by prioritizing great consumer experiences across every touchpoint. (more…)

The 10 Biggest Mistakes in Paid Social and What You Can Learn From Them

by guest 04 Aug 2014 Blog Post


This post was written by  Niels Kvaavik, VP Sales – North America, TBG Digital.

A couple weeks ago, I wrote a post about the 10 Commandments of Paid Social outlining the general guidelines that practitioners should follow when incorporating paid social media ads into their social media marketing strategies. And just as there are the best practices for paid social, there are certain mistakes that should definitely be avoided. (more…)

With Organic Reach Dying, What’s a Brand to Do?

by Uyen Nguyen 01 Aug 2014 Blog Post, Infographics, Whitepapers

Earlier this year, popular food delivery site Eat24 wrote the ultimate “Dear John” letter to Facebook, outlining all the reasons why their relationship could not stand the test of ROI. The deal-breaker: Facebook’s new and improved algorithm.


break-up letter.jpg


Like Eat24 said, “Not to be rude, but … You’ve changed. A lot.”

Truer words have never been ranted. Facebook has changed a lot since its birth in 2004. The newest change is the metamorphosis from being a social platform to a paid platform. (more…)