Social Media Trends: Which Brands Won at the French Open?

by Clint Calder 09 Jun 2014 Blog Post, Social Media Analytics, Social@Scale: Social Listening Insights

Social Media Trends for Sponsors and Athletes at the 2014 French Open

The clay at Roland Garros has attracted the world’s greatest tennis players for over a century. This year, we saw several brands competing for attention as their logos hit the clay.

With 312,900 French Open mentions, we couldn’t help but turn on our Sprinklr Listening platform to catch the data and determine which brands were top performers and social media trends at the big event. (more…)

Which Consumer Electronics Brand is Winning Social?

by Julia Bass 04 Jun 2014 Blog Post, Social Media Analytics


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Consumer electronics brands are at the center of social media

Consumer electronics brands are the fundamental enablers of social. They provide the tools for us to connect, share, research and chat. Meanwhile, the various social networks enable purchasing research, product reviews, and discussion forums for consumer electronics products. Every time you touch social media, consumer electronics brands are there. But who has the best social media influence? (more…)

Who won in social media? Indy 500 vs. Coca-Cola 600

by Julia Bass 02 Jun 2014 Blog Post, Social Media Analytics, Social@Scale: Social Listening Insights

Indy beat the Coca-Cola 600 in social media, but no brand truly stands out.

Sprinklr used our Listening Insights tool to determine the winning race, analyze top sponsors, and understand the social conversations around the big weekend of racing.

What did we learn from the social media data for Indy 500 vs. the Coca-Cola 600?

We learned that audiences love to discuss racing online (to the tune of hundreds of thousands of comments), but that automotive sponsors just aren’t that good at taking advantage. Brands are spending more than $5,000,000 to put a sticker on the side of a race car, but they are only garnering a few hundred tweets during any given race. The opportunity for in-the-moment engagement is substantial, but brands just aren’t taking advantage. (more…)

Why Do Brands and Agencies Need Integrated Paid Social?

by Simon Mansell 30 May 2014 Blog Post, Featured

always on paid social

This post was written by Simon Mansell, CEO of TBG Digital.

In light of our partnership with Sprinklr, I wanted to elaborate on the specific benefits of using Sprinklr’s social management platform for individual companies, or their brands, and agencies.

Sprinklr’s management platform is the first to truly integrate owned, earned and paid social activity into one environment.

Organic and paid social activity have been on a convergent path for some time.

It makes sense to manage both from within the same platform, but the benefits of Sprinklr go beyond that — combining planning; coordination of collaboration and sign-off; audience, data and targeting management; along with measurement optimization and reporting.

Different aspects of the management platform will appeal to the two main groups that it is designed to help: enterprise businesses managing their own social activity and agencies managing the activity of their client roster. (more…)

IBM, Deloitte, Cognizant and 14 Others Join Sprinklr Partner Program

by Jeremy Epstein 28 May 2014 Announcements

DNA strands

Sprinklr Launches Partner Program to Enable Experience Management in Global Organizations

“Survival of the fittest.”

We’re all familiar with the phrase and the principle: adapt to survive and thrive.

Today, those words mean more than ever.

The signs of change are everywhere — politicians brought down by errant tweets, Facebook posts acting as rocket fuel for revolutions, once-great goliath corporations becoming obsolete.

Bottom line: change is here and it’ll do more than just affect your bottom line.

This is the age of social disruption and in order to survive, brands have to evolve. (more…)