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Social Media is a Digital Stage

Social Media is a Digital StageWhen trying to help a brand engage in the social media world a good way to approach it is the same way someone would approach a stand-up comedy performance. From my personal experience of attempting stand-up on several occasions and concepting social media applications on a daily basis, I have been able to see a few comparisons between the two worlds. The three main places where I see similarities are the way you prepare, the way you react, and the way you adapt.

  • Prepare: For many brands, social is an entirely new stage to perform on, and they are now approaching new consumers in a new manner.  To compare this to stand-up, try to envision every time you made a group of friends laugh at dinner and they told you to do comedy. Traditionally you may be funny, but that is because you know those people and have experiences you have shared over years to draw upon that may not work on a stage.  Brands face this same problem every day because traditional media may have been successful for several years but the strategies used in one marketing medium may not transfer directly over to social.  Understanding this is why, just like any good comedian rehearses in advance, brands need to prepare for every performance in social.
  • React: Just like anything else in life, social media programs may not get the reaction you expected when planning. The same thing happens in comedy during almost every show a comedian performs, and while the reaction may not be negative, a big part of reacting is taking mediocre responses and shaping them in to a standing ovation. Social has changed the way brands interact with their consumers because social platforms allow the consumer to react to a brand’s marketing efforts instantly, and at times without a filter. In order to see success in social, a brand needs to recognize the two way street that social is and realize that a social presence can be shifted to get that standing ovation.
  • Adapt: Times change, and so will your audience both in comedy and in social media. With advancements to a brand’s lifecycle and advancements to social platforms, brands will have new ways to connect with consumers just the way comedians always have new current events and life stories to use, to reach an audience.  The key is to always adapt to these changes in order to stay relevant and continue to grow your fan base. By doing this you will have a greater rate of organic growth and a greater sample size for the programs you launch.

For a larger brand that already has a group of evangelists, it will be easier to get started, just like bringing your friends to an open mic.  However, over time if a brand wants to gain a bigger following and expand that fan base, a brand must approach each social program like a comedy show by preparing and being ready to receive instant feedback to improve upon.