Super Social: Big Data's Take On The Big Game

by Brian Kotlyar 08 Feb 2012 Blog Post, Social Business Intelligence

Year after year brand marketers gather around televisions to see the latest in the Super Bowl commercial arms race. Unfortunately, it has always been difficult to determine which ads really worked and which failed. This year, Dachis Group turned the lens of our big data Social Business Intelligence platform on the Super Bowl to determine which brands won Super Bowl Sunday based on hard data – not just opinion.

The Dachis Group approach focuses on the aggregation of millions of signals across brand social accounts to determine lift in key metrics that matter to marketers: Brand Awareness, Brand Love and Brand Mindshare. These signals are rooted in actual consumer actions and as a result our data is a powerful measure of  how consumers behave. This differs from other approaches in that it focuses on what people do, not what they say they will do.

This infographic is our comprehensive ranking of Super Bowl advertisers in the hours during and immediately following this year’s game. In future analyses we will review the cumulative impact on brand over a longer period of time and compare it more specifically to existing measurement methodologies.




  • Mark Fidelman

    Bravo – Applause – Can I sit down now?

    Excellent use of the Social Business Intelligence platform to provide real insights!

    • Brian Kotlyar

      Thanks Mark! We’re really excited to put the platform through its paces. Check back soon for more Super Bowl insights.

      - Brian

  • Juan Pablo D’Alessandro

    Great info, Brian! Kudos on the research. Just wondering, are you guys working on some type of reporting regarding the actual amount of interaction each ad had on different social platforms? (maybe Twitter through the analysis of hashtags).
    All the best.

    • Brian Kotlyar

      Hi Juan,

      Thanks for checking in. We have a lot of data surrounding the interactions you mention, but aren’t planning a report of that type right now. You can take a look here for Twitter’s own wrap up on this topic: It might get you started down the right path.

      - Brian

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