Welcome to the Dachis Group Collaboratory

by Jeff Dachis 05 Oct 2009 Blog Post

Dachis Group believes that the future of business lies in the intentional creation of dynamic and socially calibrated business systems, process, and culture that empower all of its constituents to exchange value.

So what is the Collaboratory? Part collaboration space, part laboratory on Social Business Design, it’s where we invite our ecosystem to engage us. It’s the starting point from which we help businesses capture value through Social Business Design.

The 4 archetypes of Dachis Group’s Social Business Design framework embody thinking that encourages an organization to actively engage its internal and external Ecosystem, to exhibit a Hiveminded culture of participation and collaboration, to shift to a business process that provides a Dynamic Signal, and to provide robust and meaningful Metafilters that enable the right information to the right people at the right time.

We’ve designed the Collaboratory to demonstrate the principles of Social Business Design. It’s important for us to share our thinking by showing, doing, and being a dynamic socially calibrated organization. We will do more than talk about Social Business Design, we will do our best to lead by example.

This means you’ll find original research and information from the internal ecosystem of global Dachis Group professionals, as well as a curation of most in-depth resources, information and dialog from our external ecosystem of business partners, shareholders, customers, and the broader community at large.

Join us to explore thought leadership, tools and technology, best practices and case studies and find an ongoing living dialog and repository for Social Business Design through our practice areas of: customer participation, workforce collaboration, and business partner optimization.

We are giving the world a window into our work, via the live workstream on the Collaboratory’s home page and we will be rolling out additional new features and functionality over time to further enable us all to engage, define, and create. For now, most things around here may look pretty familiar.

I encourage you to subscribe to our RSS feed, download our Social Business Design white paper, bookmark us, and participate here to help all of us define and create the future of business.

Jeffrey Dachis
CEO, Chairman, Founder
Dachis Group