Sprinklr in the News

September 27, 2012: “I think it’s a milestone for Twitter, and a loud signal about its accelerating maturity,” Ragy Thomas, CEO of social media management company Sprinklr

btobonline: Twitter names its third-party favorites, but what about yours?


September 25, 2012: Recently, my friend Jeremy Epstein, CMO of enterprise social media startup Sprinklr, asked if I wanted to contribute to an e-book collection of short essays they were putting together on the theme “social at scale.”

Forbes: Soon, We Will All Be Hipsters


September 25, 2012: Social media management system Sprinklr pulled together a comprehensive ebook with advice from 30 social media leaders on exactly how to scale social media in the enterprise world.

MarketingProfs: How Large Brands Can Scale Social Media [ebook]


August 30, 2012: “If a brand is fielding hundreds of thousands of posts in a week, putting a lot of pressure on Twitter’s rate limits, Sprinklr doesn’t have to put in a work ticket and wait for a response from Twitter; it has a more direct line to Twitter, said Closmore.”

Adweek: Twitter Anoints 12 Partners in Certified Product Program Sprinklr, Topsy execs discuss selection process 


June 13, 2012: “[Sprinklr's] document, which isn’t a template…but more a collection of requirements, has a load of great suggestions for questions to ask prospective social media providers.”

ReadWriteWeb5 Questions to Ask Before Choosing Your Company’s Social Media Tools


April 18, 2012:Sprinklr is a social media management system that lets companies manage and measure social media content. A monitoring dashboard enables users to track keywords, influencers, and competitors. Dashboards can be shared across the organization to improve operational efficiency.”

Information Week’s The BrainYard: Get Social: 11 Management Systems That Can Help


April 12, 2012: “Sprinklr has hired more than 40 people since the beginning of the year and intends to do even more throughout 2012. While Thomas wouldn’t reveal financials, he did say the company is ‘cash-flow positive’ and ‘we’re growing like crazy.’”

VentureBeat: Meet Sprinklr, the biggest social media management biz you’ve never heard of


April 5, 2012: “Social becomes a key instrument in HR, customer service, product development, event management and crisis management,” described Jeremy

Technorati: The Social Media Tool Pyramid: Interview with Jeremy Epstein, VP at Sprinklr


March 27, 2012: “The world as we know it has ended,” according to Thomas. “It ended about two years ago. The socially networked consumer is now in power. We had organized them {customers} into inbound and outbound channels. Now those silos are gone.”

Social Media Today: The End of the World As We Know It, and Sprinklr Feels Fine


March 8, 2012: “Sprinklr, a start-up that helps big companies manage the way they engage with social media, has raised $5 million in funding from Battery Ventures”

Wall Street Journal.com: Sprinklr picks up $5M As Social Media Wave Engulfs Businesses


January 05, 2012: “This fast moving startup provides clients with a number of customized solutions, winning many large enterprise clients including bluechip tech companies”

Altimeter: A Strategy for Managing Social Media Proliferation


May 30, 2012, DigiDay: Social Crisis Management at Scale“Find and cultivate your brand advocates before they are needed. Leverage a scalable technology platform that is multifunction, multichannel and multidivision.”

-Jeremy Epstein, VP of Marketing


March 13, 2012, DigiDay: Social Media Redefines Marketing“It’s time for enterprise-wide visibility, coordination and governance to ensure that you can engage with the social consumer with confidence. “              -Ragy Thomas, CEO January 11, 2012, iMedia Connection: 5 trends in enterprise social media “The year of recognition and experimentation in enterprise social media was 2011. In 2012, companies must focus on execution.”

-Ragy Thomas, CEO