Advocacy & Audience Segmentation

Advocacy & Audience Segmentation helps you profile key members of your community and organize them into segments to be activated. Use these segments to enable deeper and more personal conversations with your audiences.

When creating a 360 degree profile of your customers, you can view message sentiment to easily identify promoters and detractors, view the full engagement history customers have with the brand, and add any interaction data to a customer social profile. Group social profiles together into specific audience segments and process first party data to automatically update custom and tailored audiences on Facebook and Twitter. You can also identify, translate, or filter 65 languages to engage with global audiences.


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See your customers more clearly than ever with a unified profile.

Uniquely label different audience segments and influencers.
Merge social accounts into a single customer profile to allow for a unified view of conversations.
Tag profiles based on each customer’s history of social interaction with your brand, stated interests, owned products, and other social account profile properties.

Link listening and audience segmentation to identify key influencers.

Automatically add users to audience segments based on distinguishing criteria (e.g. geo, gender, language, keywords, hashtags)
Add depth to social profiles based on what audiences say to their networks.
View contextual visualizations of customers and fans based on sentiment, intent, emotion and mood.

Integrate and synch all your social data with your existing CRM infrastructure.

Integrate easly with CRM platforms, such as Salesforce.com.
Connect social behaviors with other systems to build a unified view of customers and conversations.
Integrate with customer service platforms, such as Moxie, Rightnow, etc., to connect and engage customers in real time.

Create customized, visual reporting and analytics dashboards across various segments, and utilize message scorecards to quickly evaluate engagement, reach, and activity across various messages.

“Working at Cisco, using Sprinklr is a time saver. You engage with other social media managers and their requests straight from the software.”


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