Sprinklr BurstSocial Reporting

Centralize reporting across all branded social accounts, earned engagements, and paid ad results

  • Drive business outcomes based on historical and ad-hoc data.
  • Analyze the insight you need to control, adapt, and drive business outcomes.
  • Tweak and adapt operational and marketing tactics.
  • Track content-driven engagement and conversion metrics.
  • Identify your team’s most effective and productive members.
  • Discover what’s being said about your brand.

Do you have a crystal clear line of sight on all social activity affecting your business? Can you track trends on markets, customers, product, and operations with a few mouse clicks? Is the information you need to drive your social tactics and measure ROI missing in action? Let Social Reporting put it back at your fingertips.

Sprinklr Burst

20+ Social Channels.
85+ Languages Supported.