Sprinklr BurstBenchmarking

Differentiate your brand by staying ahead of the competition and optimizing your engagement strategy.

  • Benchmark engagement metrics across brands and channels
  • Understand your share of voice and how other brands serve their audiences
  • Deeply analyze content performance to improve strategy

To stay relevant in an increasingly complex social landscape, you need to know how your brand stacks up against others on key metrics. Without a way to contextualize these numbers, you can easily get caught up analyzing data in a vacuum, leaving your social strategy in big trouble. With Benchmarking, get real market context.

Compare social metrics across teams, channels, and accounts to keep an eye on the competition, inform strategy, and learn from best-in-class brands all in one spot. With the rest of your social businesses already connected together with Sprinklr, you can easily move data to decisions, driving real-time value.

Social Media Benchmarking

Sprinklr Burst

20+ Social Channels.
85+ Languages Supported.