A Message from Our CEO

Early last week, we asked all Sprinklrites to begin working remotely. Today, I’m writing to you from my home with the hope that you and your colleagues are safe and doing the same.
These are uncertain times, but one thing is clear: Modern channels have never been more important.
We’re fielding calls from customers who are seeing a massive uptick in engagement on social media and messaging platforms, and others who — with entire call centers now working remotely — are refocusing their teams on Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp and the dozens of other channels most people use every day.
As a Sprinklr customer, you’re already ahead of the curve and recognize the transformational power of these new channels. Below are three common ways we’re working to help customers through this situation. If any can be helpful to you, please contact your Account Executive or Success Manager:
1 – Sprinklr Modern Care: A number of our customers are being forced to shut down their traditional phone-based customer support centers. When doing this, they are finding that they can easily move customers to modern channel support, which requires less infrastructure and, with Sprinklr, can be executed in a work-from-home environment. Sprinklr Modern Care can be implemented immediately for existing customers.
2 – COVID-19 Listening Dashboards: For any customer with Sprinklr Modern Research, we have created COVID-19 dashboards to show you where your brand is being mentioned in association with COVID-19, and most importantly, to alert you of potential brand crises using Sprinklr Smart Alerts. We’ll also provide Sprinklr Presentations Templates enabling you to create automated, real-time executive visualizations of COVID-19 listening data.
3 – Implementation to Swap or Add any Sprinklr Products: We know many of you are quickly shifting strategies to focus on modern channels. We have released our teams from other projects to focus on COVID-19 response projects. If you need different or additional capabilities, we can offer implementation incentives.
We have already faced a number of challenges together, and I’m confident that we’ll not only meet this challenge but also emerge stronger — and more connected — as a result. To help with your crisis management planning, please review our Sprinklr Crisis Management Playbook and our Sprinklr Contagion Management Overview.


Ragy Thomas
Founder & CEO