Cross-silo Collaboration

As you know, historically customer facing teams like sales, marketing, or service never had to work together. Each team worked in their own silos with their own technology. Today’s connected customer doesn’t care how companies are organized. It’s irrelevant to them whether they’re talking to marketing or sales, US operations or UK operations. Any software, even if it’s in the cloud, that reinforces business-centric rather than customer-centric ways of doing business, is an evolutionary dead end.

Point solutions for social and digital don’t address the need for different internal teams to collaborate. Sprinklr does. With Sprinklr, all customer facing teams get a unified view of the customer. And can collaborate with each other in real time to create valuable experiences that customers will love.


  • Team spaces with independent administrative capabilities to support teams, business units and geographies
  • Cross team assignment and escalation workflows
  • Customizable tiered approval and oversight
  • Threaded comments on customers and content
  • Complete audit trails and compliance tracking
  • Task Management@mentions, notifications and Inbox

Unlike dedicated collaboration tools, Sprinklr allows you to collaborate ‘in-context’ as you are interacting with the customer or working on a campaign.

Sprinklr Burst

20+ Social Channels.
85+ Languages Supported.