Effectively manage customer experiences
across 20+ digital channels

Social Experience Core

Sprinklr’s Social Experience Core is the foundation of successful customer experience management. With publishing, reporting, and other critical social capabilities available in one integrated platform, different teams across the organization have a singular view of customers and can engage with them in a unified way.

Smart Content

Planen und Veröffentlichen



Organizing content messages and assets across the plethora of social channels (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) and your various social accounts (brands, locations, etc.) can be overwhelming. With Sprinklr, you can view all your campaigns, events, and posts in one place to drive cross-functional collaboration.

  • Plan the right content, for the right audience, with a global editorial calendar
  • Schedule targeted messages across channels, brands, locations, and more
  • Mix and match filters – like channel, campaign, account, status, and date – for a bird’s-eye view of upcoming activities




With Sprinklr, you can turn your business into a content publishing powerhouse. Seamlessly draft, approve, schedule, auto-tag, and target content across 20+ channels.

  • Source, share, preview, target, and deploy rich media content across major social networks
  • Ensure consistent brand voice and messaging across markets, divisions, locations, and time zones
  • Set up publishing workflows and custom approval paths for different individuals and teams


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Sprinklr provides a highly organized way for you to store, manage, deploy, and measure the impact of your content assets. Set content permissions, embargo dates, and expiration dates to ensure content is used in the right place, at the right time, by the right person.

  • Create, store, and organize content assets for easy access across the organization
  • Surface top performing content and producers across your company
  • Use content engagement metrics to generate ideas for new campaigns




Plan, organize, and collaborate on any digital campaign with Sprinklr’s integrated, easy-to-use calendar. Track your campaign initiatives and measure their impact on the business.

  • Deploy campaigns effectively across channels, markets, and demographics
  • Enforce campaign consistency across the entire organization
  • Consolidate reporting metrics, like engagement and conversion, across multiple channels



Globale Steuerung

und Nutzerverwaltung



Real-time customer engagement and compliance policies really can coexist. With Sprinklr, you can manage approvals, establish user permissions, and create audit trails – allowing your teams to safely and confidently interact with customers.

  • Implement custom approval workflows to fit any existing process
  • Oversee outbound messaging and maintain detailed audit trails
  • Effectively manage crisis situations by closely controlling social media, up to and including shutting off all activities if needed



Verwaltung verteilter Benutzer

Sprinklr provides a simple way for global organizations to manage user provisioning. Assemble users based on role, location, or department into a common profile.

  • Manage, monitor, and govern thousands of distributed users and accounts
  • Report on team-wide and organization-wide user activities
  • Easily wrangle constantly changing titles, permissions, and employment status of users







Centralize data from all your social channels and accounts. Customize, expand, or slice and dice metrics to understand what’s working, what’s not, and how to get better.

  • Track content-driven engagement and conversion metrics
  • Drive business outcomes based on historical and ad hoc data
  • Identify your most effective and productive employees



Instant Access

from Anywhere



Monitor, engage, and collaborate on the go: the full power of Sprinklr’s customer experience management platform is available on any device, right in the palm of your hand.

  • Collaborate with your teams away from the office
  • Immediately take charge of crisis situations
  • Monitor campaigns and trends from anywhere, any time – because social never sleeps