The Way to Customer-First

Transformation System

The Digital Customer-First Transformation System (DCFTS) is our methodology for helping global enterprises capture and create strategic business value from engagement. In the process, your business will learn to move faster and in greater unison on its journey to customer-first.


Where customers call the shots

The marketplace for enterprise social engagement solutions is shaking out around two main approaches. One approach uses a collection of point solutions cobbled together, requiring lots of back-end integration. The second approach uses a purpose-built system, already integrated. The second approach is the only way a complex enterprise can scale its ability to engage with connected, empowered people who control how they interact with companies.


Ready to do it right?

It goes both ways.
Before business leader, before soccer dad, before super mom, before anything else, we are human first. It’s in our nature to connect.

To touch, and to be touched. But only to a point.


How much does it hurt?

Companies that don’t put customers first have a hard time getting social engagement right – and the results can be brutal. Increased churn. Lost sales. Higher costs. Missed opportunities.And worse.
This book covers some of the most common challenges companies face on their customer first journeys.


Dive in

Some people don’t like getting buried in detail, while others thrive down in the weeds. Neither way is wrong or right, except when it comes to understanding how your brand engages with customers. Those moments of truth become clear only by digging into the bits and bytes of how and why interactions between brands and people happen the way they do.

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