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Sprinklr Voice

Reduce call volume with a radically different contact center solution

Comunidad de autoservicio

Construye y gestiona una comunidad online integrada a tu estrategia de atención

Live Chat

Responde más rápido con una atención personalizada y basada en datos

IA conversacional y bots

Reduce costos al automatizar consultas con bots e IA conversacionales

Inteligencia del centro de contacto

Datos e insights basados en IA que promueven una atención al cliente proactiva

Automatización del centro de contacto

Automatiza workflows y procesos e impulsa más resoluciones al 1er contacto

Asistencia para agentes

Analiza conversaciones al instante y obtén predicciones, sugerencias y alertas

Base de conocimiento

Facilita a los agentes y clientes el acceso a las respuestas que necesitan

Modern Research
Toma decisiones en función de las investigaciones proactivas impulsadas por IA. Estas se basan en el conjunto más completo de datos de la experiencia del cliente.

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Social Listening

Insights sobre la voz del cliente en tiempo real en canales digitales y tradicionales

Insights y Benchmarking Competitivos

Analiza el rendimiento de tu contenido vs. otras marcas y la competencia.

Product Insights

Insights con IA de reseñas y redes sociales: Sentimientos de los clientes con tus productos

Location Insights

Análisis en tiempo real de las experiencias de marca, basado en ubicaciones

Visual Insights

Inteligencia visual en tiempo real que impulsa conexiones significativas en el ámbito digital

Media Monitoring & Analytics

Conecta historias en las redes y las noticias y mide tu earned media

Modern Research Lite

Ponte en marcha con una prueba de monitoreo social y digital, gratis por 30 días. No necesitas tarjeta de crédito.

Modern Marketing & Advertising
Construye y protege la reputación de tu marca. Toma medidas en cada punto del ciclo de vida de marketing.

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Planificación de Campañas y Content Marketing

Con insights basados en IA: gestiona el riesgo de marca y aumenta el ROI

Marketing Analytics

Visualiza el rendimiento de tus campañas en 30+ canales y datos de terceros


Fomenta, mide y optimiza la promoción de la marca por parte de tus empleados en las redes sociales

Social Advertising

Aumenta tu ROAS y la colaboración, reduce riesgos y unifica los informes

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Atención al cliente

Mejora la experiencia de atención al cliente en más de 30 canales digitales

Centro de ayuda

30+ canales de análisis, predicción y sugerencias con IA en un solo lugar

Social Listening

Insights sobre la voz del cliente en tiempo real en canales digitales y tradicionales

Atención unificada

Gestiona la atención al cliente en más de 30 canales digitales desde una sola plataforma impulsada por IA

Automatización de redes sociales

Planifica, gestiona y mide el contenido de la marca en más de 30 canales desde una sola plataforma

Comunidades Online

Ayuda a los clientes a aprender de otros y reduce la carga de los agentes

Conjuntos de aplicaciones para medios y redes sociales

Consolida todas tus necesidades de redes sociales en la única Social Suite unificada

Social Advertising

Aumenta tu ROAS y la colaboración, reduce riesgos y unifica los informes

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Announcing Sprinklr Display, the Complete Solution Powering Digital screens for Retail, Command Centers, Events and Outdoor Advertising

Built on Sprinklr’s unified platform, Display transforms social media data into visualizations that surface actionable insights and drive business value

Leading brands including McDonald’s, Nissan, and Santander UK use Display to increase brand engagement, make better business decisions, and improve customer experiences

NEW YORK – March 9, 2017 – Sprinklr, the most complete social media management platform for the enterprise, today announced Sprinklr Display, the only all-in-one digital visualization solution that can automatically transform data from 24 social channels into a branded, cohesive experience for retail stores, command centers, events and digital out-of-home formats. Sprinklr Display will be showcased in booth #401 at the South by Southwest® (SXSW®) Conference and Festivals held in Austin, March 10-19, 2017.

The digital signage market is expanding rapidly, with its value expected to grow to $27.3 billion by 2022, a 40% increase from 2015. Unfortunately, much of the content on digital signs is expensive to produce, static for weeks or months, and fails to provide insight or impact. Sprinklr solves these problems by making it easy to create dynamic screens that stream real-time social media content, drive engaging customer experiences, and power insights across an entire enterprise.

“With Sprinklr Display, we are reducing the complexity of our social data with front-and-center visualizations that provide valuable insights across our business — from marketing, communications, operations to customer service,” said Paul Matson, Director of Customer Engagement at McDonald’s USA. “It is another important step toward utilizing our wealth of social data to think and act with a customer-first mindset.”

“Data visualization is an increasingly important technology for brands who are overwhelmed with big data. They’re faced with the challenge of making this data work for them, not the other way around. Sprinklr Display is the only solution helping brands power consumer-facing experiences for retail and events, as well as command centers that provide insight to cross functional marketing and care teams,” said Justin Garrity, AVP Display, Sprinklr. “With Display on Sprinklr’s integrate-able platform, brands can easily transform their data into insight and deliver engaging experiences in any location.”

Notable Features and Use Cases for Sprinklr Display:

Create a Command Center that Drives Smarter Business Decisions: Design a state-of-the-art hub to manage an unlimited amount of real-time social media data for competitive intelligence, community management, crisis communication, ad campaign management, consumer sentiment and more. Only Sprinklr Display has out-of-the-box and easily-customized templates, making it simple to setup, manage and deploy thousands of displays across the globe that are always on-brand and on-point through actionable insights.

Deliver Engaging Event Experiences: Sprinklr Display is based on a simple idea: the best way to communicate is through storytelling. Instead of designing for one disjointed screen at a time — like so many other solutions — Sprinklr Display was built with an entire wall in mind. Events can use storyboards to make attendees part of a game-day, concert or conference experience using multiple screens in any layout. Downtime isn’t an issue with Display’s proprietary “Stay Alive” technology, which ensures that display content is never disrupted even when the internet connection fails.

Transform Online Activity into In-Store Engagement: Connect social media activity to all of your brick and mortar retail locations. Sprinklr Display provides dynamic context to the products shoppers are considering by pulling in data from online product reviews, Twitter comments, Instagram images and more. With 90% of consumers trusting peer recommendations, seeing a positive review or social media post on an in-store display can encourage shoppers to make a decision at their point of purchase.

Design Digital Billboards for Memorable Campaigns: Use social media data to create memorable marketing campaigns that appear on billboards, in bars, at gas stations and other locations that reach on-the-go consumers. Because Display is built on Sprinklr’s platform, it can automatically pull real-time social media data without any integration difficulties that other display technologies face.

Build Displays From Any Mobile Device: While Sprinklr Display is designed for screens on the wall, we know that the world is mobile-first. The entire interface is mobile friendly, which means you can design an in-store experience or a command center all from your phone. Additionally, with the new Sprinklr Display Remote, companies can easily control each of their display screens in any location.

Sprinklr Display is generally available on March 10, 2017. You can read more about this announcement here.

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Sprinklr provides the most complete enterprise social technology in the world, designed to help large companies collaborate across their entire organization to create intuitive, superior customer experiences across every social channel. The company is revolutionizing customer engagement in 150+ countries for more than 1,200 brands, including Nike, McDonald’s, Microsoft, P&G, Samsung, more than 50% of the Fortune 50, and nine out of ten of the world’s most valuable global brands. Headquartered in New York City with more than 1,300 employees globally, Sprinklr works with a powerful group of partners that includes Deloitte Digital, SAP, IBM, and Microsoft. For more information, visit or chat with us at @sprinklr.

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