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Your VIP customers, industry leaders, major influencers, media and the press all have one thing in common: they want to interact with you consistently up close and personal both on and offline. Seamlessly combining both worlds at scale is a delicate juggling act. Yet amplifying local events across the globe digitally saves money while increasing ROI. And judiciously weaving social into your live happenings before, during, and after the event increases worldwide reach, touches remote markets, and strengthens existing relationships at scale even on a capped budget. So how does a brand manage social events experience?


  • Engage with prospects to mine purchase intent
  • Identify and leverage key customer journey milestones
  • Surface selling opportunities throughout the digital customer journey
  • Qualify leads in near real time
  • Discover who competitors are targeting and where
  • Always be instantly available to prospects and customers

You will need these modules:

Social EngagementSocial Engagement: Monitor and triage, route, and engage with millions of conversations at scale.

Social Mobile AppsSocial Mobile Apps: All your engagement features in the palm of your hand 24/7 anywhere in the world.

Social Listening InsightsSocial Listening Insights: Get actionable listening insights about where, when and why conversations occur.


  • Create “VIP” criteria sets for invite purposes
  • Keep track of local audiences, media, and press relations
  • Create lists of local advocates and link them across industries
  • Maintain list of UGC producers you can activate on demand
  • Keep list of top tier interviewees in each event geography
  • Maintain list of “on the scene” e-reporters

You will need these modules:

Social EngagementSocial Engagement: Instantly identify important fans or customers, categorize or annotate digital profiles, add them to predefined profile lists, and assign influencer ratings on the fly.

Social CRMSocial CRM: Cross-reference your CRM for existing customers or insert as new customers in your database.

Social Listening InsightsSocial Listening Insights: Get actionable listening insights about your audience.


  • Monitor weather and travel conditions at event locations
  • Conduct live interviews on social networks
  • Monitor audience feedback for immediate adjustments
  • Take advantage of real-time marketing opportunities
  • Talk live to your “on-the-scene” event reporters
  • Broadcast live engagement with your executives

You will need these modules:

Social PublishingSocial Publishing: Publish rich media publishing to all your social channels with a sophisticated editorial calendar.

Social Asset ManagementSocial Asset Management: Manage all your social media assets from one central location and share or suggest content from it.

Social Apps SuiteSocial Apps Suite: Create and deploy social apps with no coding effort.


  • Run geo-targeted or industry-specific campaigns
  • Target specific regions or market segments
  • Test new selling techniques or content

You will need these modules:

Social Campaign ManagementSocial Campaign Management: Create, deploy, and share campaigns from a central calendar.

Social Apps SuiteSocial Apps Suite: Create and deploy slick social apps effortlessly.

Social ReportingSocial Reporting: Measure campaign results across channels, markets, and locations with aggregated reporting.


  • Run pre-event campaigns to build attendance and excitement
  • Deploy during-event campaigns to amplify audience and ROI
  • Create post-event campaigns to highlights various audience segments
  • Create aspirational campaigns for fans and prospects
  • Design campaign-specific reports to understand message dispersion, audience and topics of interest
  • Use the Social App module to create custom tabs to promote and drive attendance to an event

You will need these modules:

Social AutomationSocial Automation: Automate complex workflows with Social Automation rules and macros.

Social GovernanceSocial Governance: Enforce internal and external compliance requirements and define user roles and permissions with Social Governance.

Social Asset ManagementSocial Asset Management: Share, suggest, and track social content performance from a central location.

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