Facebook Advertising


Facebook Advertising

Facebook advertising is an essential part of any paid media plan, but how efficient are your efforts?

As a prefered marketing developer of Facebook for Ad Technology, Sprinklr allows clients to create, manage and optimize ads seamlessly, all of which were previously manual processes with multiple work and data streams. Request a demo to learn more about Sprinklr Advertising and Facebook Advertising.

With Facebook Advertising with Sprinklr you can:

  • Centrally review, approve and store assets in the Social Asset Manager (SAM)
  • Shown paid data alongside earned engagement data and campaigns.
  • Programatically react to triggers based on ad performance and effectiveness.
  • Automatically name ads based on targeting and objectives, allowing data to be easily fed into other systems.


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“Everything You Need to Know About Social Paid Advertising”

Let’s face it – organic reach is dying. To compensate, leading brands like Castrol and Vodafone are turning to paid to get the right messages to the right people and drive measurable results –
at scale.

To help you understand the benefits of integrated social advertising,
we put together this guide.

Whitepaper: Everything You Need to Know About Paid Social