How Sonos Established Itself as a Leader in Home Audio
We’ve been impressed with Facebook and Instagram as a full-funnel advertising platform for our brand. With the PLAYBASE launch, we built buzz around our newest product and then followed up with a promotion to drive sales among engaged audiences. It was a perfect one-two punch.
Donna Queza
United States
Company Size
During a two-phase campaign, Sonos reached 19 million people by amplifying their video ads with Sprinklr, Facebook, and Instagram.
San Diego, CA

A dedicated fanbase looking for answers

Electronics company Sonos wanted to connect to its audience and show appreciation for its dedicated fans. Many customers turned to social to ask when Sonos speakers would integrate Amazon Alexa.

Once Sonos was ready to launch their voice capability, the social team saw an opportunity to personally respond on social to customers who had asked about this of the largest online universities, University of Phoenix wanted to build a digital community for its students.

There was a social media team in place, but it wanted to improve response times and deliver more personalized experiences on social.

The challenge

Sonos, a leader in smart speakers,wanted to establish itself as the go-to brand for innovative home audio products, starting with the launch of their new home theater speaker, PLAYBASE.

The Two-Phase Campaign

With Sprinklr, Sonos was able to leverage Facebook and Instagram ads to capitalize on a two-phase approach. Sonos wanted to introduce its new home theater speaker, PLAYBASE, with a bang, and then follow with a promotion featuring its home theater companion components, the PLAY:1 and SUB. The campaigns ran on Facebook and Instagram in the US, Canada, and Australia.

The Solution

Phase One focused on increasing awareness about Sonos’ new home theater speaker, PLAYBASE. From April to May 2017, Sonos ran short video ads on Instagram and Facebook to introduce this new home audio product.

Phase Two focused on the promotion for its PLAY:1 and SUB products, which, when combined with the new PLAYBASE, create a 5.1 home-theater experience. By rolling these campaigns out sequentially, Sonos encouraged people to think about their full home sound system offering.

Sonos was able to increase its return on ad spend by accurately targeting its customers through the reach of Facebook and Instagram video ads, exemplifying how Sonos, Sprinklr and Facebook work together to create value.

Keys to Success

The two-phased approach allowed the brand to use progressive targeting: Phase One ads targeted Sonos’ primary audiences, a mix of movie lovers and music streamers, and excluded existing customers. Phase Two ads were then retargeted to people who viewed the Phase One video ads, as well as to lookalike audiences based on those video viewers and past purchasers. Sonos’ managed services team and advertising agency were able to adjust, approve and publish the ads all on Sprinklr’s unified platform. This created clear work pathways and a consistent vision of the campaign across teams. The teams were able to adjust the optimization strategy in real-time with the help of Sprinklr’s first-party audience segmentation and reporting dashboard. In addition to this real-time reporting, Sonos conducted a Facebook brand lift study to measure its Phase One awareness-focused campaign, and ran a Facebook conversion lift study to measure sales results from its Phase Two campaign.


The whole-home sound system for music lovers saw a significant return on ad spend after using video ads to drive awareness of its new product and promotional dynamic ads to drive conversions.