The ability to apply game mechanics to brand interactions has proven to be a significant business tool in directing and sustaining both internal and external customer behaviors. Yet too often, gamification systems are deployed in such a narrow context, they only cover a fraction of the behaviors that could drive value to the brand. With Sprinklr, gamification becomes much more powerful, giving you the ability to apply game mechanics and leverage game data across all brand touchpoints. Use points, leaderboards, and badges throughout the customer experience to encourage and reward contributors as well as foster advocates.

  • Motivate customers to accomplish set business objectives.
  • Points, Badges, Leaderboards, and Tiers can be used in combination to influence activity.
  • Recognition for actions across all brand’s digital touchpoints including social, web, commerce, and communities.
  • Centralize gamification strategy with loyalty and rewards programs both on- and offline.

20+ Social Channels.
85+ Languages Supported.