Inspiration, Sourcing and Asset Management

Great content requires creative and collaborative thinking. Sprinklr’s Inspiration capabilities help marketers collate relevant content from across the social web and funnel them onto a shared digital dashboard.

Overview of Capabilities:

  • Create Inspiration Dashboards for campaigns including trends, news, sports, weather, competitive insights, and Social Listening insights.
  • Monitor the “Story of a Trend” to understand which individuals started a Twitter trend, plus where and how it unfolded.
  • Upload, find, update, track, reuse, and expire multimedia content assets.
  • Procure new images from third-party sites using a corporate license.
  • Request permission to republish user-generated content and store approved assets.

In addition to being able to browse existing content from within the Asset Manager, teams can also procure content from third-party providers such as Getty Images, Shutterstock, and Giphy. They can also can ask permission from the social community to republish user-generated content. All of these permissions, digital rights, expiration dates, and other pertinent information are captured along with the document, image, or video and stored in the Asset Manager. Images can also be formatted and edited directly within the Sprinklr platform to streamline production.