Instagram Advertising

Sprinklr is a Facebook Marketing Partner and currently in Beta for Instagram ads

This enhances Sprinklr’s complete enterprise platform, making it the only software that helps brands manage, owned, earned, and paid media on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and now Instagram.

You can:

  • Boost top performing content and centrally review, approve, and store assets in the Social Asset Manager (SAM).
  • See paid data alongside earned engagement data and campaign performance.
  • Cross-promote ads across both Facebook and Instagram or buy Instagram only ad placements.
  • Seamlessly check inventory across both Facebook and Instagram.


Get the Whitepaper: “Everything You Need to Know About Social Paid Advertising”

Let’s face it – organic reach is dying. To compensate, leading brands like Castrol and Vodafone are turning to paid to get the right messages to the right people and drive measurable results – at scale.

To help you understand the benefits of integrated social advertising, we put together this guide.

Whitepaper: Everything You Need to Know About Social Paid Advertising