#39 Alicia Hatch
Chief Marketing Officer
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Alicia Hatch began her professional life as a program manager working on a World Health Organization initiative in West Africa. It was through this role that she learned the fundamentals of building connections with people, a lesson that has informed her journey as a marketer today.

Showing the Big Picture

Hatch has translated that perspective into forward-looking campaigns. With her guidance, Deloitte Digital’s Greenhouse has become a continuously evolving, research-based idea incubator. Cumulative learnings ensure that each session draws on the lessons of those prior.

Breathing Life into the Marketing Industry

But Hatch’s vision isn’t confined to Deloitte alone. She’s argued that the marketing world needs to refresh itself in order to compete for top talent with tech companies. “We, ironically, have a marketing problem with marketing,” she said in an interview with Beet TV. Hatch’s own work backs up her view that marketing “is an incredible hotbed for innovation.

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