#14 Alicia Tillman
Chief Marketing Officer
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How do you tell a powerful story about back-office software? For Alicia Tillman, it’s about focusing on the human element. That might mean helping solve clean water challenges in India or saving endangered species in Africa from poachers – topics that SAP covered in campaigns last year.

“We believe that you have to give back and you have to have a purpose in the marketplace,” she told Forbes. “The majority of our previous campaigns were all very product-centric.”

Supporting Female Leaders

In her previous role as CMO of SAP Ariba (she also spent 11 years at American Express and several at a travel management company that Amex acquired), she established a Women in Leadership program to help women succeed in their careers with the help of a supportive community. No wonder Tillman is not only a powerhouse for SAP, but a powerful voice on women in the workplace.

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