#20 Dean Evans
Chief Marketing Officer
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As modern technology levels the playing field for automotive brands, what sets a car company apart from its competitors? For Dean Evans, it’s all about the customer experience.

Reimagining the Car-Buying Experience

Hyundai’s Shopper Assurance program continues to support customers throughout the car-buying process and beyond, to ensure they’re happy with their purchase. Evans spearheaded the national rollout
of the program and improved pricing transparency
online, making the car-buying process easier and more appealing to shoppers.

But Evans’ focus on the customer (and inventiveness) doesn’t end there. Under his watch, Hyundai built a virtual showroom on Amazon: a user-friendly space to check out Hyundai’s offerings, read user reviews and find nearby dealerships. For Evans, it’s a natural next step. “As consumers learn that Amazon has an auto section, the traffic [will] continue to grow," he told Automotive News.

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