#21 Diana O’Brien
Global Chief Marketing Officer
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For Diana O’Brien, simplicity is key. She leads by example, trusting her people to find inefficiencies in processes and work toward solutions. In presentations, she encourages brevity rather than long-winded slideshows.

Succeeding by Simplifying

O’Brien’s view is that by talking less, marketing and sales teams can do a better job of listening to what customers want. Her ultimate goal is to create happier customers by delivering more positive experiences.

“Is the customer at the center of your organization?” O’Brien asked in a conversation with Ad Age. “Are you looking at all the moments…and creating an experience that's world class? Are you using strategic moves that are reflective of creating that? Are you linking it to meaning? So, those are the ‘M’s in my mind: it's mindset, it's moments, it's moves, and it's meaning.”

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