#18 Francisco Crespo
Senior Vice President & Chief Growth Officer
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Categorization is crucial for Francisco Crespo, who has spent over two decades working for Coca-Cola. He explained to Brand Channel that all of the beverage giant’s brands are organized into three groups: leaders (such as Coca-Cola itself), challengers (which are well-known but not yet leaders) and explorers (which are “irrelevant or insignificant”).

Writing Coca-Cola’s Next Chapter

Judging by the nostalgia-tinged campaign for Orange Vanilla Coke – the first new Coke flavor in over 10 years – Crespo wants to turn the new offering from an explorer into a challenger (and ultimately a leader).

No matter how well Orange Vanilla Coke (or any other Coca-Cola beverage) performs, there will always be room for improvement. As Crespo told Forbes, “[Challengers] must sharpen their edge and consistently invest to surpass the current leaders.”

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