#36 Jochen Sengpiehl
Chief Marketing Officer
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Jochen Sengpiehl wants to prove that less is indeed more. Volkswagen is streamlining its agency partnerships by selecting three top agencies to lead its global efforts, with a focus on growing its digital media footprint through sleek digital campaigns.

Showing an Artistic Side

A case in point is the carmaker’s efforts to promote the forthcoming ID.3 electric vehicle, which include influencer videos on social media. In a recent online video, a designer at German design collective Via Grafik talks about his background in graffiti and shows how virtual reality tools can inform automotive design.

Sengpiehl is also pushing for more personalized customer engagements, using artificial intelligence to close the customer service gap. Building on his previous stint as Volkswagen’s CMO over a decade ago, as well as his three years as CMO of Hyundai, Sengpiehl is proof that focusing on a single industry can be a powerful path to influence and impact.

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