#33 Julia Goldin
Executive Vice President & Chief Marketing Officer
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Keeping a classic toy relevant in a high-tech world is no small task, but Julia Goldin is up to the challenge. Goldin, who previously held high-level marketing roles at Coca-Cola and Revlon, has spearheaded innovations like Lego’s augmented-reality pop-up store at London Fashion Week. In the installation, an otherwise empty room contained a Snapchat QR code that led users to a selection of exclusive Lego products.

Staying Self-Sufficient

The key to Goldin and Lego’s success? Bringing much of the brand’s creative efforts in-house, which provides the department with greater agility. As she explained to Marketing Week, “If you have an asset that is not working, or we need an additional asset because we have a product that is super popular and we want to develop something else, we can do that very quickly.”

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