#19 Lynne Biggar
Chief Marketing & Communications Officer
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Some executives tire of the travel demands that go with life in the C-Suite. For Lynne Biggar, however, it represents an opportunity: Seeing the world with her own eyes allows her to identify inefficiencies and potential growth areas for the leading payment technology company.

Enabling Digital Payments

In part thanks to her travels (all out of a carry-on – no checked bags for her), Biggar has become a major proponent of the eventual cashless society, which is already picking up steam. The Visa Cashless Challenge provides incentives – monetary and otherwise – for select small businesses and everyday people to go cashless.

“Our intention is to be in the middle of all forms of payment, which is in the process of being liberated from a physical piece of plastic,” Biggar told Financial Review. “They are on your smartphone, potentially in your car, they might be embedded in appliances in your home. Visa is at the center of all that."

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