#25 Marisa Thalberg
Global Chief Marketing Officer
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Last year, Marisa Thalberg, a former Estée Lauder marketing exec, oversaw a shrewd bit of guerilla marketing: London’s famous Big Ben clock was undergoing repairs, so Taco Bell lent its help (and its proverbial bell) by playing the familiar chimes on speakers around the city. It was a characteristically fun move for the brand, which is establishing a presence in the UK.

Mastering the Intangibles

To Thalberg, the campaign succeeded by mixing splashiness with subtlety. “Striking the right tone when you're playing in culture and doing something with a little bit of wit and wink to it makes all the difference,” she said in an interview with Forbes. “Tone in these things can be everything.”

As Taco Bell rolls out innovative projects – such as splashy “Cantinas” that serve alcohol – Thalberg’s knack for striking the right tone (when it comes to messaging and actual bells) will be invaluable.

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