#15 Michelle Peluso
Senior Vice President of Digital Sales & Chief Marketing Officer
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As IBM’s first CMO, Michelle Peluso is using her position to support women in business and technology.

Fighting for Equality

Peluso is a vocal advocate for gender equality on social media and oversees IBM’s Be Equal campaign, in which IBMers pledge to embody one of several positive attributes – including respect, accountability and equality – in order to improve the workplace.

Staying Flexible

Peluso, who has worked at Travelocity, Gilt and Citi, is also focused on infusing IBM with more agility – an interesting challenge for a company that’s been around for over a century. "We grow up to manage a few that then manage others,” she explained to Brand Channel. “Agile doesn’t work like that. It puts responsibility and decision making down at the lower level with the agile teams themselves.”

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