#37 Mo Katibeh
President & Chief Marketing Officer
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Mo Katibeh and AT&T Business are looking to the future. Under Katibeh’s watch, the business-facing arm of the telecom giant is telling a story that centers on 5G technology.

Using Tech to Provide Comfort

AT&T Business recently announced a study with VITAS, a national hospice provider, to see if virtual and augmented reality – running on 5G speeds – can help reduce pain and anxiety among patients.

In addition to powering business initiatives, Katibeh sees serious marketing potential in 5G. “When you think about 5G and other related technologies...they’re creating the opportunity to provide marketers with
that real-time intelligence that they’re looking for,” he
told Velocitize. “As your customers are interacting with this technology, those real time insights are coming back to the marketing organization.” With 17 years of A&T experience under his belt, Katibeh is well-positioned to make the most of those insights.

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