#27 Nicholas Drake
Executive Vice President of Marketing & Experience
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For Nicholas Drake, who took the CMO role in 2017, competing in the digital age means getting back to basics. Late last year, T-Mobile announced its Team of Experts customer care approach, which replaces automated voice response systems with real, live people to handle customer inquiries.

Using a Human Touch

To showcase the revolutionary idea of having actual humans answer the phone, Drake and his team released a long-form commercial titled Customer Service Hell, which highlighted the pitfalls of automated voice customer care. The ad starred Rainn Wilson (of The Office), using humor to underline the value of T-Mobile’s initiative.

It’s all part of a big-picture approach to customer experience. "A few years ago we took a step back and said, ‘Is there a better way?'” Drake told AdWeek. “Can we serve customers to give them a better experience while also using modern technology to bring that experience to life?” To find out how T-Mobile rises to that challenge, keep watching Drake and his team.

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