#41 Ryan Bonnici
Chief Marketing Officer
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Ryan Bonnici is a high achiever, reaching the C-Suite at G2 (the business solution review platform formerly known as G2 Crowd) at age 29, following stints at HubSpot and Salesforce.

Focusing on Employees 

Bonnici, who landed on last year’s Forbes CMO Next List, helped oversee the G2 rebrand and has worked hard over the past year to grow his marketing team. Amid the big moves, Bonnici prioritizes employee happiness at every turn. “Some work best where they take all of Wednesday,” he remarked at the Growth Marketing Conference. “I don’t care so much how my team gets the results. It’s that they get the results.”

It's a strategy that’s grounded in Bonnici’s own experience balancing professional achievement with personal wellbeing. “I’ve come to understand that my ambition and energy don’t have to come at the cost of my mental health,” he wrote on the NBC News Better blog. “It’s possible to hold onto all that drive while also finding self-worth and enjoying each stage along the way.”

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