#43 Shannon Brayton
Chief Marketing Officer & Senior Vice President, Communications
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Shannon Brayton leads LinkedIn’s team of more than 600 marketing professionals around the world, overseeing demand generation, product marketing, corporate communications and more. Her leadership style is centered on transparency and creating a culture of trust and understanding.

Encouraging Transparency 

“I really encourage my team to be as honest as possible about whatever is causing them to leave a meeting or miss a trip or whatever it is, and I think it's really important that you don't hide parts of yourself that are key to you,” she said during a No Limits with Rebecca Jarvis podcast.

That’s the kind of confidence that comes from logging years with a range of powerhouse tech brands: Brayton’s career began at age 19, in the PR department at Intuit. She subsequently worked in corporate communications at Yahoo! before assuming leadership positions at eBay and OpenTable. With that kind of breadth and depth, it’s no wonder that Brayton's expertise has been recognized by the industry: She’s now a director of the Ad Council.

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