Location Insights

Use location-based data to create a more holistic customer experience.

Monitor content from top channels, including Yelp, decoding sentiment in a single view.

Improve the entire customer experience.

Your customers are telling you exactly how to make them happier. But are you listening? Do you know what’s driving consumers to stay – or stay away – from each of your brick-and-mortar locations?

Brands must be able to connect the physical and digital view of their business,hear what customers are saying about their locations, and use those insights to improve the overall customer experience.

Unify digital and brick-and-mortar experiences.

With Sprinklr Location Insights, companies can use geographic-based social data to refine their operational, marketing, and care strategies. Know where your customers are, how they feel about brick-and-mortar locations, and gather the insights necessary to improve overall customer experience..

Identify, prioritize, and act on improvements across each of your global markets.

Ensure a consistent experience across in-store locations.

  • Understand how customers feel – what led leads them to return (or not) to a business or certain location.
  • Act on customer feedback through product development, in-store improvements, personnel changes, and customer care efforts.
  • Take the guesswork out of operational improvements: recognize when in-store locations fall short in terms of customer service, and make the necessary changes.
  • Access an integrated platform that provides actionable insights to marketing, operations, consumer insights, and research and development teams.
  • Track the effectiveness of campaigns by monitoring the performance of on-site marketing initiatives.
  • Know what’s working – and what’s not – for you, your competitors, and within your industry.


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