Paid media has real power - if you can unlock it.

You paid. The media is running. Now what?

All too often, companies invest in paid media but don’t take advantage of the insights it produces. They may collect data, but it’s fragmented across multiple platforms and requires time-consuming, manual compilation. This can lead to out-of-date reports that prevent teams from taking timely action and conducting deeper analysis.

Access a comprehensive view of all paid, owned, and earned metrics.

Work less. Understand far more.

With Sprinklr Paid Media Reporting, you can view the results of your paid media campaigns across all platforms with in depth, easy-to-action visualizations – in real time. Surface actionable insights to help you maximize results, support wins, cut losses, and increase revenue. Conduct integrated reporting across paid, owned, and earned channels to facilitate cross-team collaboration and inform smarter decisions.

Faster, better, more holistic reporting.

  • Save time on reporting to focus on analyzing and optimizing your paid media campaigns.
  • View paid media data in real time so you can manage and improve every campaign at the speed of social.
  • Understand what’s working (and what isn’t) by going beyond standard metrics.
  • Combine reporting across paid, owned, and earned, multiple channels, ad accounts, and campaigns to create a holistic view of how social is impacting your brand.
  • Automatically send customized reports to specific teams, users, and agency partners.


Trigger customized reports and alerts to select users and teams.

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