Paid Social Webinar

The $600 billion world of paid media has been transformed. Learn how today.

Organic reach is dwindling, and to cope, more and more brands are embracing paid media to boost engagement with their customers. But enterprises are struggling to manage and optimize their paid media campaigns and to scale their efforts. Whether it’s keeping up with new platforms, tracking and optimizing spend, or moving from demographic to behavioral audiences – it’s hard to be effective.

This webinar, featuring Rob Krin, Digital Marketing and Loyalty Manager at Castrol North America, and Simon Mansell, Managing Director, Sprinklr Paid Services & Extended Enablement, will teach you how you can thrive in the world of paid social media.

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  • Common pitfalls of paid social
  • How you can save time and money by automating processes
  • Using social listening to measure the effectiveness of your campaigns and increase results

Featured Panelist:



Digital Marketing and Loyalty Manager,
Castrol North America




Managing Director, Sprinklr Paid Services & Extended Enablement, Founder, TBG


Watch the recording!