Paid & Targeted Amplification

Maximize advertising impact with a single, unified platform for paid, owned, and earned media.

Paid & Targeted Amplification lets you create and manage social ads through the the same tool as your community management and content publishing. Your strongest content will automatically trigger and optimize paid buys based on pre-built workflow and quantitative triggers.

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Plan, buy, and optimize social ad campaigns for Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn from a simple intuitive environment.

  • Create Twitter paid promotions: promoted posts, promoted tweets, and promoted accounts.
  • Target advanced Twitter ads based on demographic, location, device, and other custom filters.
  • Target advanced Facebook ads based on custom audiences, lookalike audiences, FBX and retargeting, and partner categories.
  • Create and target advanced Instagram ads based on custom audiences, lookalike audiences, Facebook categories and partner categories.
  • Manage and upload ads in an intuitive dashboard matrix.
  • Process first party data to automatically update custom and tailored audiences on Facebook and Twitter.
  • Build variations of ad creative for testing purposes and/or tailored for individual audiences, and easily attach ad creatives from a central asset manager, containing images, copy, video, targeting segments, custom audiences, and more.
Turn your top posts into high-impact social advertising automatically or with just a few clicks.

  • Repurpose organic content into paid ads and instantly target customer segments.
  • Use custom audience lists for native ads.
  • Use role-based permissions to manage large numbers of users.
  • Ensure that comments on dark or unpublished posts are answered through monitoring dashboards.
  • Map a customer’s entire journey on and offline to know where they are exposed to your content and where they convert.
Bring sophisticated automation and collaboration to your social advertising.

  • Manage budgets centrally across social networks, accounts, users and teams, including rates of spending.
  • Automatically trigger paid amplification when organic posts reach pre-set engagement thresholds.
  • Optimize or amplify content based on a flexible set of rules and triggers in real time.
  • Send notifications, adjust budgets, pause or delete ads and more based on any number of conditions, including impressions, click through rates, and cost per click.
Use in-depth analytics and reporting to optimize social ad campaigns.

  • Leverage global data from across your social accounts and campaigns.
  • Access advanced real-time reporting on ad performance.
  • Collaborate and discuss ad performance across teams and agencies from within the platform.
  • Align the structure for targeting and categorizing custom social audiences with a legacy database, CRM systems and marketing automation tools.
  • Understand how Paid impacts brand outcomes such as Awareness, Love, Mindshare and Advocacy.
  • Analyze how paid media effects brand metrics vs. competitors.


20+ Social Channels.
85+ Languages Supported.