Sprinklr Drives Global Social Customer Engagement Strategy for Solvay

155-year-old chemical company reduces costs and risks by unifying dozens of social media accounts in five languages across 10 business units on Sprinklr 

NEW YORK – June 27, 2019 — Sprinklr, the world’s first Unified Front Office Platform for Modern Channels, today announced that Solvay – an advanced materials and specialty chemicals company – is using Sprinklr to align its global organization on a single platform with a single view of customer engagements. Sprinklr is helping Solvay make its customers happier by breaking down employee silos and creating a unified approach to social listening, planning, publishing and reporting. 

Solvay was born out of innovation. The Belgian chemical company was founded in 1863 when Ernest Solvay developed a groundbreaking method of producing soda ash – also known as sodium carbonate or washing soda – used in many essential everyday items including dyes and coloring agents, glass, paper, cleaning products, and more. Today, Solvay is transforming its business to prepare for long-term growth and foster closer connections with its customers. In order to meet the needs of modern customers who expect personalized services and fast response times, Solvay selected Sprinklr as a global partner to create a coordinated customer engagement strategy and optimize its operations in the U.S., Europe and China. 

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Supporting Quotes:

“We chose Sprinklr to help us optimize our social strategy around the globe and across markets,” said Vincent Colegrave, Solvay’s Head of Digital & Social.

Sprinklr (@Sprinklr) is the world’s first Unified Front Office Platform for Modern Channels. Its mission is to enable every organization on the planet to make their customers happier. Sprinklr has offices in 15 countries and works with more than 1,000 global enterprises, including: Allstate, McDonald’s, Microsoft, NASA, Nike, Philips, Procter & Gamble, Samsung, Santander, Shell, and Verizon.

Rachel Leamon