Acceleratr: Strategy + Analytics

Social media strategy

Our strategic services offering provides brands the support they need to be truly exceptional in the Social space.

Sprinklr’s strategic service offering centers around 4 main categories: Social Maturity Acceleration, Governance, Integration and Engagement.

Sprinklr’s strategy and analytics team unlock business value. And enhance the social customer experience. Our experts help mature a brand ↽ from functional and optimized social media teams, to fully integrated and transformed global organizations. Wouldn’t you like to know how mature your social organization is?  Our new program, Acceleratr assesses your social maturity across our proprietary social maturity scale – Functional; Optimized; Advanced; Transformed. A socially mature brand accelerates efficiently to higher states of greater social ROI and business value.  Acceleratr is for the global brand that must:

  1. Create innovative customer experiences through social engagement.

  2. Drive value through the the 5C’s of social experience management – Conversations; Content; Campaigns; Collaboration; Community.

  3. Know the context of its ecosystems and prepare for social engagement across the company.

  4. Work with trusted social advisors in marketing, customer care, customer experience, IT, PR, IR and HR.